Join BikeBrampton members at Greg’s Ride

This Fall, a group of us from BikeBrampton will be participating in Greg’s Ride on Sunday, September 22. We’ll be cycling from Brampton to Hamilton on Saturday, riding in Greg’s Ride on Sunday, then cycling home Monday. BikeBrampton’s participation in this annual event has grown from one rider in 2013 to our larger team of riders this year.

BikeBrampton chair David Laing, Dayle Laing, Share the Road founder Eleanor McMahon, Wayne Noble, Lisa Stokes at Greg’s Ride 2018

Who is BikeBrampton

We are a group of volunteers who have met monthly for the past 6 years, discussing and developing action plans for cycling advocacy in the City of Brampton and Region of Peel. With the help of our partners, we host the Brampton Bike Hubs, Caledon Bike Hubs, regular Community Rides (with BCAC), and our annual Bike the Creek event.

Brampton has been recognized by Share the Road as a Bronze Bicycle Friendly Community and, of course, we aim for Silver! In February, we were asked to work with City staff to prepare a “Big Ask” for $1.75 million for new highly visible cycling infrastructure.

OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt with David Laing at Greg’s Ride 2016.

Why we participate in Greg’s Ride

The bigger provincial policy picture is something BikeBrampton discusses at our meetings. Some of us go to the Ontario Bike Summit annually to learn and to share. We also support the advocacy efforts of Share the Road and the advocacy objectives they raise funds for through Greg’s Ride:

  1. Every student in Ontario should have the opportunity to learn to safely ride a bike.
  2. All residents should feel safe and comfortable hopping on their bicycle.
  3. We want to see the province connected by a network of paths, bike lanes and paved shoulders. Those of us who have had the opportunity to participate in some cycle tourism, know just how important this network is for travel, commuting and recreation.

For us, making it safer and easier to ride a bike is also deeply tied to the need to address climate change.

Lisa Stokes, Wayne Noble (on the left) start Greg’s Ride 2018

Cycling and Climate Change

The City of Brampton joined 500 other municipalities around the world by declaring a Climate Emergency on June 5th.

Vancouver has been hailed as leading the way with its climate emergency declaration, that has created 6 new “big move” pollution reduction targets. What are the top two? Why, Active Transportation targets, of course.

  1. Walkable communities: By 2030, 90% of people live within an easy walk and roll of their daily needs.
  2. Safe and convenient active transportation and transit: By 2030, two-thirds of trips in Vancouver will be by active transportation and transit.

We know that when it comes to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions #BikesCanDoThat! And with transportation accounting for 30% of Ontario’s emissions, making cycling safer & easier needs to be part of local and provincial climate change action plans. Together with Share the Road, we’re working to make this happen.

BikeBrampton members are pleased to support Greg’s Ride as Share the Road’s major fund-raising activity, but it’s also a fun opportunity to ride alongside advocates from across the region and to chat all things cycling over food & drinks afterwards.

For registration and additional information about Greg’s Ride, visit If – like us – you’re riding as a group of 3 or more, contact for a 20% group discount code!

David Laing, Dayle Laing (on the right) start Greg’s Ride, 2018
Wayne, Dayle, Rani, Peter, Lisa, Tracy at Greg’s Ride 2018

See you there!

Our thanks to Share the Road, for first publishing this in their Greg’s Ride blog. Special thanks to Executive Director Jamie Stuckless, for her kind editing! #BikesCanDoThat

Brampton Mayor Proclaims Bike Month

City of Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown and Council delivered a Proclamation that “June is Bike Month” this past week. BikeBrampton was honoured to receive the proclamation on behalf of the cycling community.

Bike Month kicks off May 27th with Bike to Work Day

We cycle to Garden Square for breakfast at 7:30am to celebrate Bike to Work Day.

Brampton Community Rides

Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee and BikeBrampton volunteers lead 14 FREE guided Community Rides from May 26 to Sept 22nd. Your choice of 5km or 15km routes as you discover your city and have a free snack at the end, complements of Brampton!

Our first Community Ride this morning from Garden Square!

Bike to School Week – May 27th-31st

BikeBrampton is presenting cycling safety in assemblies, holding workshops at 10 different schools in Brampton. Region of Peel has surpassed their target with 188 schools registered!

Bramalea CycleFest – Jun 1st

BikeBrampton is pleased to help All People’s Church with their 5th annual Bramalea CycleFest, benefiting the Salvation Army Youth Shelter. BikeBrampton volunteers are leading 3, 6, and 12km routes.

TRCA Guided Bike Tours

Check out 3 Friday evening rides in June to cycle at Clairville Conservation Area, Chinguacousy Park and Rosalea Park. Registration FREE link

Bike the Creek – Jun 22nd

You cannot afford to miss our signature cycling event, Bike the Creek. Our 6th annual event is now Region of Peel-wide with partners TRCA, Brampton, Caledon, Mississauga and BikeBrampton. Register for one of the 4 FREE routes and do check out the details! Register by Jun 14th to ensure your free lunch, complements of Region of Peel.

See everyone out at Bike Month activities!

EcoAction Carbon Challenge

Announcing the EcoAction Carbon Challenge for winter/spring 2019

Many more of us are riding in the winter than last year! Some are even #winterwarriors! It’s time to step up our game to reach our 20 tonne CO2 greenhouse gas reduction target to make our promise to Environment and Climate Change Canada!

The EcoAction Club cycled about 38,000 km from Dec 2017 to Dec 2018, and 7 times more in Dec/18 than in Dec/17. We need to collectively cycle on average, 4,200 km/month between now and the end of June to make our numbers!

EcoAction Winter/Spring Incentive

  • Monthly reward based on group effort. Ride with a friend! Mentors, ride with protégés. Recruit new program participants!
  • To qualify in the group incentive pot, you must be registered in the program, sign up for Strava and the EcoAction Club, and log your commute trips. (Cycling on a trainer or just around the block doesn’t count. It must be a legitimate trip!)
  • For each month we hit our target, $250 goes into the pot. For each new legitimate protégé or mentor that is accepted into the program and adds even a modest number of kilometres of trip data on the Strava EcoAction Club, $25 will be added to the pot.
  • Monthly rewards will be distributed to all who participated and cycled in the program that month. (Our project manager will add kilometres, but not participate in the prize.)
  • If the target for the month is not met, then the prize amount will be prorated and the kilometres and dollars will be applied to the following month. (Monthly targets and results will be posted on Strava to EcoAction Club members.)

Start your engines, (whoops, we mean pedal-legs…………..!) Let’s have some fun, get to our destinations safely, improve our health and the health of our planet! Stay tuned for some exciting cycling workshops we are planning!

For more information on registering for Pedalwise. For general information on Brampton Bike Hub and Caledon Bike Hub. See photos and videos from our 1st Anniversary celebration.

Institute for Sustainable Brampton

The ISB task force delegated to City of Brampton Committee of Council on Feb 13th. Link to Agenda

BikeBrampton’s main purpose is for the City of Brampton to become a more bicycle friendly community; one that encourages safe cycling for both transportation and recreation. A major milestone towards that goal was achieved in the spring of 2017 when the City was awarded Bicycle Friendly Community Bronze status by Share the Road Cycling Coalition.

This past spring the City took yet another step as City Council endorsed Brampton 2040 Vision: Living the Mosaic[1] The visioning process was one of the largest public consultations that the City has ever undertaken. Ideas were contributed by over 11,000 residents, including some members of BikeBrampton. Throughout the process it became abundantly clear, Bramptonians want a green and environmentally sustainable Brampton. As such, sustainability permeates throughout the Vision beginning with the first of seven building block vision statements.

Vision 2040 cover picture

“In 2040, Brampton will be a mosaic of sustainable urban places, sitting within an interconnected green park network, with its people as environmental stewards – targeting ‘one-planet’ living.”[2]

The 2040 Vision specifies the Institute for Sustainable Brampton (ISB) as THE vehicle to steward the City towards ‘one-planet’ living. One-Planet Living is a comprehensive standard by which people enjoy happy, healthy, vibrant living within their fair share of the earth’s resources, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness. It is based on ten guiding principles. The principle most dear to BikeBrampton members calls for reducing the need for travel and encouraging low carbon transport including walking and cycling.

10 principals of One-Planet Living

Its up to us as citizens to make Vision 2040 come to life. In the summer of 2018, members of Brampton’s Grow Green Network, a collection of environmentally focused organizations operating in Brampton (including BikeBrampton), formed the ISB Task Force with the objective of making the Institute for Sustainable Brampton a reality.

Brampton’s Grow Green Network meeting February 2018

The task force has drafted a white paper to:

  • Flesh out the ISB concept as outlined in the 2040 Vision document
  • Present a clear case for the need and priority for the ISB
  • Solicit feedback from residents and other city stakeholders on:
    • the stated goal for the ISB
    • its proposed structure
    • its strategic and operational role
  • Gain support for initial funding and next steps
  • Define priorities for the near, medium and long-term

Let us know your thoughts by sending a message to:


[2] Brampton 2040 Vision – Vision 1, ibid. p.21

Brampton Bike Hub 1st Anniversary

Bike Cage Official Opening

A crowd of over 60 BikeBrampton members, Pedalwise mentors and protégés, and dignitaries gathered to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Brampton Bike Hub and the official opening of the bike cage at PCHS.

David Laing, BikeBrampton Chair, welcomed everyone with the following remarks:

“BikeBrampton almost had 3 levels of government representing 3 political parties to celebrate biking and active transportation… If you visit the Brampton Bike Hub virtually any Wednesday evening you may get the impression we are a small group with big ideas. What we do seems like we are enjoying ourselves, mostly talking, planning rides, planning routes, complaining about weather, roads and paths, and generally having a good time. We get people out of their cars and onto their bikes. Each of us is trying to do our part to reduce the 30% of Ontario’s carbon emissions coming from transportation… It’s getting easier being an early adopter in the suburban cyclist movement…But there are still too many stories of close encounters of the motorist kind and too many cyclists injured or killed on Brampton roads. We must do better…

I am grateful to partners like PCHS who provides us with support and free space and is quietly there for us. I am grateful to Vélo-Canada-Bikes having faith in letting BikeBrampton be part of the national coalition, and Environment and Climate Change Canada for funding our EcoAction project. I am grateful to Peel Public Health for the Healthy Living Supports grant which allowed us to build this bike cage. And I am grateful to Peel Public Works and the AT team who through their work, generated most of the ideas for the Pedalwise and BikeWrx programs we run in the Brampton Bike Hub.”

Judi Varga-Toth, Executive Director of Vélo-Canada-Bikes, travelled from Ottawa for our celebration. She wowed us with news that the Brampton Bike Hub success is the talk of the country!

Sonia Sidhu, MP Brampton-South, who sits on the Federal Health Committee, has been a great federal supporter of the active transportation work we do at BikeBrampton. She thoughtfully presented us with the following plaque. MP Sidhu rose in the House of Commons on Dec 13th with these Facebook video comments where she graciously acknowledged the volunteers at BikeBrampton.

BikeBrampton welcomed new City of Brampton Regional Councillors Wards 1&5, Rowena Santos and Paul Vincente to our official opening. We were honoured to receive their certificate.

MP Sidhu, David Laing, and Regional Councillors Vincente and Santos presented our EcoAction Carbon Challenge winners with their certificates.

Peel Public Health Manager Pat Bromby spoke of the physical and mental health importance of an active lifestyle. Their grant allowed BikeBrampton members Gerald, Peter, Steve and David to design, build and outfit this new bike cage.

Peel Public Works Commissioner Janette Smith conveyed her remarks, with thanks to everyone there and their on-going commitment with the new Community Cycling Program contract that will continue the Bike Hub, expand in Brampton and extend to Caledon.

Official ribbon cutting opens Brampton Bike Hub bike cage – photo by Bruce Marshall

David Laing; Janette Smith, Commissioner Public Works; Joe Avsec, Manager Traffic and Sustainable Transportation

Bike mechanics Steven and Gerald (Peter not in this photo)

A new protege family with 2 children, brought their kids for their bike loan fitting in the cage bike library… yes, following our ceremony!

We gathered for a pot-luck party afterward, in our usual Unit 108, 50 Sunny Meadow Blvd.

The enthusiasm in this crowd is not to be contained!

Check out our Video summary of successes this past year…

Onward, for more fun, carbon reduction and cycling in 2019! See you on the streets, trails, City Hall and at our Jan 16th winter pot-luck party….

Save The Date: Book Ride on April 29, 2018

The Reading Line has partnered with The Festival of Literary Diversity to offer a free Book Ride in Brampton on April 29, 2018.

A Book Ride is a literary festival on wheels. The Reading Line’s Brampton Book Ride is a social justice focused bicycle ride, in partnership with the Festival of Literary Diversity. The ride will move through portions of the city with stops in key locations where authors talk, read and answer questions from riders and attendees.

At the 2017 Ontario Bike Summit awards, Brampton achieved a bronze status designation, which recognizes a community that has launched several initiatives to promote a cycling culture. In recent years, the city has made investments in building a bicycle-friendly community and championing bicycling as a safe, healthy means of recreation and transportation.

The route will begin at South Fletcher’s Library and continue to downtown Brampton thanks to support from the Region of Peel. Along the way, local writers and authors who have appeared at the Festival of Literary Diversity will read from their books or perform poetry.

Please see these websites for more details:

The Reading Line

The Festival of Literary Diversity (The FOLD)



Major New Investment to Make Cycling Safer and More Convenient

Ontario is making it safer and more convenient for people to get around by bike, by more than doubling its investment in local cycling to build bike lanes and other cycling infrastructure in towns and cities across the province. This investment is part of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan and is funded by proceeds from the province’s cap on pollution and carbon market.

Across Ontario, 120 municipalities will receive funding from the province for new bike lanes and other cycling infrastructure. The province is investing $93 million this year:

Brampton will be receiving $1,780,604 of this funding.

Source: Major New Investment to Make Cycling Safer and More Convenient

Cycling in the Snow: How many do it and what does it actually look like?

Year-round counts at Bloor and Castle Frank record winter bicycle traffic that is just over one fifth summertime levels. As of June 2017, the Bloor bike lane saw an average of 5,220 cyclists per day. If one fifth continue to cycle through the winter, we can expect to see over 1,000 cyclists a day on Bloor, making it as busy as some Toronto bike lanes in the summer.

While this number might seem high to some, it becomes less surprising when we consider Toronto’s climate data. Cara Fisher, an associate of the Winter Cities Institute, has classified Toronto as a “moderate” winter city, along with Calgary and Minneapolis. These cities experience January highs close to 0°C (-1°C in Toronto) and lows close to -10°C (-6°C in Toronto). Temperature extremes are rare.

Source: Cycling in the Snow: How many do it and what does it actually look like?

Future of Heart Lake Road AT

Future of Heart Lake Road AT

The Heart Lake Road Corridor study will examine the road’s long term role and function, and associated design requirements that address future multi-modal (vehicle, bike & pedestrian) transportation demand, planned land use and development, protection of environmental features and wildlife, and recognition of its unique cultural heritage.

Heart Lake Road Corridor Public Consultation Notice

The following presents comments on the alternatives displayed, and suggested a further option that takes all the terms of reference into consideration: 2017 11 17 Comments on Heart Lake Road Corridor PIC


Heart Lake Road can become part of the cycling network in Brampton, with links to Mayfield Road, Countryside Drive, Esker Lake Trail and up into Town of Caledon. Our east-west connections have long been a challenge, particularly over highway #410. Both Countryside Drive and Esker Lake Trail using the Franceschini bridge will make a large improvement in our network.

Heart Lake Wetland Complex is the 7th most important provincially significant wetland out of 2260 listed on MNR’s Ontario Wetland Evaluation System.

Countryside Drive has an almost continuous multiuse path from Heart Lake Road east to Highway #50!

Currently, narrow shoulders encourage mostly confident road cyclists.

Other cyclists struggle in the gravel shoulder between Heart Lake Road and the Provincially Significant Wetlands.

Trumpeter Swans risk their babies and selves along Heart Lake Road, where the current posted speed is 60kph.

Trucks routinely use Heart Lake Road, despite posted “no trucks” signs.

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) has been conducting an Ecology Monitoring Project since 2011, where citizen scientists have been collecting wildlife data. Check here for links to their reports and delegations to Council.

Heart Lake Road is a rare gem that deserves protection. Please make your comments known.

Nelson Cadete, Project Manager, Active Transportation City of Brampton  905.874.2552

Francois Tomeo P.Eng., GDBA Project Manager Transportation Planning & Traffic Engineering, Stantec Consulting Ltd. 416-598-6685

2019 02 08 Function and Design Review of Heart Lake Road Corridor_FinalReport

UPS to test cargo bikes for deliveries in Toronto | Toronto Star

Bicycle logistics are used around the world and has now been introduced in Canada. This could be very important as Pearson Airport undergoes redevelopment of its Master Plan. Short trips between logistics terminals and deliveries of smaller items could be well served by cargo bikes!

“Mayor John Tory said deploying cargo bikes could help ‘traffic nightmares . . . . It’s time we take a look at something like this, because it’s being done in Frankfurt, in Vienna, in Hamburg, in Rome.'”

Source: UPS to test cargo bikes for deliveries in Toronto | Toronto Star