Announcing the EcoAction Carbon Challenge for winter/spring 2019

Many more of us are riding in the winter than last year! Some are even #winterwarriors! It’s time to step up our game to reach our 20 tonne CO2 greenhouse gas reduction target to make our promise to Environment and Climate Change Canada!

The EcoAction Club cycled about 38,000 km from Dec 2017 to Dec 2018, and 7 times more in Dec/18 than in Dec/17. We need to collectively cycle on average, 4,200 km/month between now and the end of June to make our numbers!

EcoAction Winter/Spring Incentive

  • Monthly reward based on group effort. Ride with a friend! Mentors, ride with protégés. Recruit new program participants!
  • To qualify in the group incentive pot, you must be registered in the program, sign up for Strava and the EcoAction Club, and log your commute trips. (Cycling on a trainer or just around the block doesn’t count. It must be a legitimate trip!)
  • For each month we hit our target, $250 goes into the pot. For each new legitimate protégé or mentor that is accepted into the program and adds even a modest number of kilometres of trip data on the Strava EcoAction Club, $25 will be added to the pot.
  • Monthly rewards will be distributed to all who participated and cycled in the program that month. (Our project manager will add kilometres, but not participate in the prize.)
  • If the target for the month is not met, then the prize amount will be prorated and the kilometres and dollars will be applied to the following month. (Monthly targets and results will be posted on Strava to EcoAction Club members.)

Start your engines, (whoops, we mean pedal-legs…………..!) Let’s have some fun, get to our destinations safely, improve our health and the health of our planet! Stay tuned for some exciting cycling workshops we are planning!

For more information on registering for Pedalwise. For general information on Brampton Bike Hub and Caledon Bike Hub. See photos and videos from our 1st Anniversary celebration.