Different Spokes Policy


To become a member, sign-up here and fill in the registration form that follows, and we’ll assign you a member number next time you come in.

Annual Membership Costs
$50 annually for individuals
$80 for families including to parents/guardians & 2 kids

Booking System

We keep regular hours and we don’t store bikes overnight. If you have a lot of work to do, plan ahead and come early to get it done. Please have a plan for taking a bike project home that may not be rideable.

Select a Date & 1 1/2 hr time slot Our booking system is designed to enhance efficiency and capacity of workstations. Only one workstation will be reserved per appointment. If you have multiple bikes, make multiple appointments and provide this as a reason. If you have a lot of work to do, book back to back appointments.

Respect the Hours

If you cannot make your appointment, please reschedule or cancel at least one day before your appointment. If you show up late or miss your appointment, it wastes time slots for others. It also results in us having to turn away walk-ins that could have benefited from our expertise.

Bike hub administrators may cancel appointments under the following conditions:
– Member did not adhere to the Code of Conduct (see below).
– Member missed or arrived late for appointment(s) without cancelling or rescheduling in advance.
– Member scheduled multiple appointments without describing the work needing to be done.

Members do their own work (DIY)

Mechanics and volunteers are available to provide support, advice and explanatory instruction. Actual work is to be done by the member. Working with the mechanic, members are responsible for assessing their ability level relative to their project, including the time required to complete it. Staff and/or volunteers cannot fix your bike for you.  

Volunteers advise within the limits of their individual abilities

Volunteers are of varying skill levels and defer to the Lead Mechanic or simply decline guidance on any area in which they are not experienced. This means that Different Spokes may not have the tools, parts or experience to help you with your project. There are some great for-profit bike shops in the area that may be able to help you if we’re at a loss!

Repairs are not guaranteed

Both new and used parts are available for sale at Different Spokes. We can not guarantee that we will attempt (or guarantee) all (or any) repairs. Bicycle repairs can be complicated and time-consuming. Brampton Bike Bike Hub and Caledon Bike Hub will approach repairs on a case-by-case basis, and reserve the right to turn some repairs/projects away. Volunteers and/or staff may make purchase recommendations, but there is no guarantee that this part will work or be appropriate for your bike. Please do your own research for any purchase decisions. 

Parts and tools available at Different Spokes

Parts available at Different Spokes may only be used and/or installed at the Bike Hub. Using Different Spokes facilities, parts, and tools for profit is not allowed. This means no building bikes or buying parts to sell to others, or charging others for work you’re doing while at Different Spokes.

Specific parts or accessories may not be available at Different Spokes

We encourage you to bring in a part you wish to install or replace on your bike. We do have a small inventory of parts but cannot guarantee that we have the parts you require. Local sources for parts include: Mobile Pro, Highlands, Decathlon, Sport Check, Canadian Tire, etc.

Bike Library

Library bikes will have a flat rate rental fee, effective April 2024. There will be a Kid’s Bike Waitlist program.

Footwear Safety

Closed-toed shoes (ideally non-slip) are encouraged for working with tools and machinery.

Code of Conduct

Different Spokes is committed to maintaining a safe, comfortable, and welcoming atmosphere and requires everyone using the space to agree to the following:

  • Be kind, respectful and courteous of all people regardless of gender, age, ability, race, cultural background, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.
  • Be respectful of someone’s pronouns, and if uncertain please ask which pronouns they use.
  • Refrain from harassment or violence of or by staff, volunteers, or Bike Hub users. Harassment includes but is not limited to the following: verbal or physical abuse, deliberate intimidation targeting individuals in a manner that makes them feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, or afraid; teasing or ridicule.
  • Refrain from using alcohol or other intoxicating substances.
  • Respect others, their personal belongings, and their personal spaces.
  • Be respectful towards the space by returning tools to their designated homes, leaving workstations neat and tidy after finished, disposing of waste in the appropriate bin, and leaving the washroom and other areas clean.

Different Spokes has a zero-tolerance policy regarding the items listed above. If there is a breach in the Code of Conduct, staff reserves the right to respond in a manner they deem appropriate, which may include, but is not limited to: being asked to leave, permanent bans, and/or referral to external authorities.