Diwali Glow Rides

Different Spokes celebrated festival of lights with two Diwali Glow Rides, one for Algoma University students and one for diverse members of Brampton Bike Hub. Folks from children to seniors were invited to decorate their bikes with lights and enjoy sweets. 41 happy cyclists participated in these group rides through Downtown Brampton streets, following the rider safety briefing.

Diwali Glow Ride

Cyclists gathered inside Different Spokes’ Brampton Bike Hub to attach lights to their bikes. Some parent members brought their children.

Diwali Glow Ride decorating bikes with light

Councillor Gurpartap Singh Toor joined the Diwali Glow Ride group of 26 on Nov 11th.

Councillor Gurpartap Singh Toor Diwali Glow Ride

Riders waiting to use signalized crossride on Queen Street at Scott/James Streets.

Diwali Glow Ride cyclists waiting to use crossride on Queen St

Marshall volunteers flanked the cyclists for extra group safety at the James/John Streets crossride. The leader Sonia, waited for everyone to gather before crossing the CN railway tracks.

Diwali Glow Ride crossride

George Shepperdley waited on Mill Street to photograph the Diwali Glow Ride cyclists as they headed south for the Charolais bike lanes.

Diwali Glow Ride, Mill St

George captured ride leader Sonia, followed by the row of glowing lighted bicycle riders.

Diwali Glow Ride

Algoma has been borrowing bicycles from the bike hub in a bike share arrangement that specifically meets the needs of the students.

Algoma U students Diwali Glow Ride

14 Algoma students with bikes decorated, set for their Diwali Glow Ride on Nov 10th.

Diwali Glow Ride Algoma U

Yes, we ride all year round. Celebrating Diwali is another opportunity to bundle up and enjoy riding in all types of weather!

The Rose Orchestra Autumn Brilliance

Different Spokes and BikeBrampton went along for an exhilarating ride in the Canadian countryside with colourful music that evoked the crisp fall air, the bountiful harvest and the brilliant reds and golds in the trees.

We were invited to join The Rose Orchestra in the lobby to promote their brilliant season for their season opening performance on Sat Oct 21st!

BikeBrampton table at The Rose Orchestra

Concert goers swarmed our table to get maps, learn about Different Spokes DIY bike repair and mentor and social ride programs, and view our slide show of local autumn cycling photos. Several asked questions about Brampton bylaws and the Ontario Traffic Act as it pertains to pedestrians, cyclists and escooters.

Dayle, David, Sonia, before The Rose Orchestra season opener

We were invited to enjoy the concert, which was fabulous! If you haven’t attended before, be sure to include some or the whole series of concerts in your local entertainment choices! This is top quality! Purchase your tickets at bramptononstage.ca or 905-874-2800

Charolais Bike Lanes

Barry Lavallee prepared this documentary video in advance of the Town Hall October 17, 2023. A senior on a mobility scooter, Young cyclists who do not own cars have been interviewed. They use these bike lanes year round to travel to work and run errands. More than 17 cyclists came to support Charolais bike lanes.

Ward 3,4 Councillors Martin Medeiros and Dennis Keenan invited City of Brampton Staff to present City plans and Charolais data that provide for a growing network of active transportation, to residents gathered at City Hall.

Brampton Councillors Medeiros & Keenan

Supporters came from a variety of groups. Four cyclists came from Sheridan College Bike Hub. Clients and volunteers came from Different Spokes, the Brampton Bike Hub. A bike mechanic for both Sheridan and Different Spokes came. 5 members of Brampton Active Transportation Advisory Committee came. There were 9 members of BikeBrampton present. Sierra Club Peel was represented. One of the BikeBrampton members who live in Wards 3,4, spoke eloquently on behalf of the whole group, indicating that she uses Charolais bike lanes on a regular basis to commute to work.

Cyclists arrive for Town Hall, City Hall bike parking

City Transportation and Traffic Operations Staff presented the supporting plans and data. Charolais is a key east-west connection in City of Brampton’s AT network, as noted in the 2019 Active Transportation Master Plan. The Brampton 2040 Vision: Living the Mosaic is a document that engaged over 11,000 people to create a vision for the next quarter of a century. “In 2040, Brampton will be a mosaic of safe, integrated transportation choices and new modes, contributing to civic sustainability, and emphasizing walking, cycling and transit.” “On the Move” Brampton Mobility Plan and the Brampton Plan, coming soon to Council continue to reinforce this direction.

Key Results of Bike Lanes on Charolais Boulevard:

Vehicles reduced by 5,250 / day
Average vehicle speed reduced by 9.5 kph
Average vehicle travel time reduced by 4%
Average daily vehicle cut-through trips reduced by 10%
Average daily bike trips using Charolais increased by 94%
Average neighbourhood bike trips length increased by 26%
eScooter pilot trips originating or ending in neighbourhood: 21,772

Data Details:

Active transportation provides benefits for health (diabetes epidemic in Brampton), choices for everyone in Brampton (not only those who can afford a car), prioritizing road safety over speed and convenience (Vision Zero). With the projected population growth, we simply cannot build enough roads to accommodate everyone to drive a personal automobile. Brampton is the 9th largest city in Canada and no longer is it a small suburb of Toronto.

Brampton Transportation Manager detailing benefits of AT

The Active Transportation work plan for 2023 was presented.

Active Transportation 2023 work plan
Charolais Speed and Volume comparison
Charolais Vehicle and Bicycle usage comparison
eScooter Pilot results for Charolais
Charolais road diet results

In conclusion, the ‘big data’ for Charolais show how successful the bike lanes have been at creating a better safer community with this form of road diet. Please show your continued support of Brampton’s planning process by contacting your local Councillor.

cyclists on Charolais bike lanes, Dec 12, 2022
A dozen cyclists on Charolais bike lanes, Dec 12, 2022

Brampton Tour the Trees

Cyclists love to ride among trees for shade, shelter, serenity and joy. We learned tree facts from Brampton foresters along our route.

Brampton Active Transportation Advisory Committee volunteers and BikeBrampton members led the 13th of our themed community rides on Sept 10th.

Our largest group ever, 63 cyclists gathered at Terry Miller Recreation Centre for Brampton Tour the Trees. BCAC co-chair Lisa delivered the safety briefing to a range of new to very experienced riders. Our rides feature low volume roads, bike lanes, urban shoulders and multi-use paths. A led-ride offers a safer experience for all.

Brampton Community Ride, Terry Miller Rec

Lisa demonstrated the turn signals.

left turn signal demonstration


In Brampton 2040 Vision, our goal is to plant one million trees. Essential to reaching this goal is knowledge about tree maintenance.

We organized Brampton Tour the Trees with Jessica, from Parks Maintenance & Forestry Community Services. She coordinated forestry experts to give us presentations in three parks. The first stop was Maitland Park to listen to Trevor explain tree planting and maintenance no-no’s. When we mulch, we must make a donut at the trunk base and avoid the “volcano”! Trees need air. Rocks and concrete (even those circles) around the base overheat the trunk. Trees need deep watering, not little short sprinkles.

Community Ride, Maitland Park

We cycled on to Massey woodlot Park to listen to John explain how clearing the “understory” causes the forest floor to dry out and expose the roots. When there is a big rainfall, the thirsty trees drink up the water and can explode, as this otherwise healthy tree did! We make these errors through lack of understanding how trees work.

Community Ride, Massey forest

John is the “Guardian of the Trees”, and he spoke passionately about his work in Brampton forests. The oxygen that trees expel is critical to humans. By having healthy urban forests, we are improving our air quality and the percentage of oxygen in the air.

Brampton Community Ride, John, Massey forest

In Manitou Park, Praben explained to our group about the importance of the City’s street trees. Residents don’t own the land right to the street. When we widen driveways and cut through large street tree roots, we are unknowingly killing the tree. He told us about the disease now coming to oak trees and that we must not cut any of them. We need a permit to cut down any tree on our property.

Brampton Community Ride, Manitou Park

The longer Brampton Tour the Trees group looped up to Black Forest to cycle through this large group of old trees. We returned to Terry Miller Rec Centre for a BBQ lunch, complements of Brampton Parks Maintenance & Forestry Community Services!

Community Ride BBQ Parks & Forestry

Trevor, John and Praben quizzed the cyclists on tree questions from the presentations. 3 people won a copy of The Hidden Life of Trees, by Peter Wohlleben.

Brampton Community Ride Tour the Trees
The Hidden Life of Trees book winner

Barry Lavallee put together a collection of pictures and videos he took, while he also marshalled one of the rides. Well worth the view to see much more…

Our thanks to Jessica for organizing the BBQ and 3 foresters (John, Trevor and Praben) for this terrific event! As usual, Rob was there for the set up, take down and flipping the yummy burgers!

There was so much more we learned than appears in this short blog. For more information, visit City of Brampton Trees.

Ghost Bike Ride for Prakash Mariyappan

Bike the Creek 9th Annual

Another successful Bike the Creek completed! Over 1,500 riders registered. Happy families, tourists, sponsors, volunteers, community leaders joined this FREE signature cycling event.

Partners Brampton, Caledon, Mississauga, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and BikeBrampton worked 8 months to plan the 6 routes through spectacular valleys, trails, historic landmarks, rural roads, and bike lanes.

BTC 2023 Partner Logos
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Bike to Work Day 2023

City of Brampton hosted a celebration of Bike to Work Day on June 1 in Garden Square. Welcomed were BikeBrampton, Different Spokes DT bike hub, Brampton Cycling Club, Algoma U, Brampton Transit, Ride Don’t Hide and 3 e-scooter companies: Bird, Scooty, and Neuron. McDonalds sponsored complementary breakfast. This was a great kick-off to Bike Month!

Bike to Work Day 2023 poster
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Cycling Chronicles 15 – BikeBrampton 10 Years

Steve Stoller Reflects on BikeBrampton 10 Years.

For me, it all began with the desire to establish a cycling heat map by Region of Peel Active Transportation. I had responded to a request in the local newspaper for cyclists interested in logging trips. The purpose was to develop a Peel cycling heat map.

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Earth Day BikeWrx

Know Your Rights in Brampton

BikeBrampton welcomed The Biking Lawyer Dave Shellnut to a BikeWrx workshop at Different Spokes. 21 cyclists from all walks of life gathered for a presentation and rousing discussion about how cyclists can protect themselves. The Bike Lawyer LLP provided valuable advice on steps to take in the event of a cyclist-motorist collision.

Different Spokes Know Your Rights workshop
Dave Shellnutt, The Biking Lawyer presenting to BikeBrampton members at Different Spokes
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