Brampton Tour the Trees

Cyclists love to ride among trees for shade, shelter, serenity and joy. We learned tree facts from Brampton foresters along our route.

Brampton Active Transportation Advisory Committee volunteers and BikeBrampton members led the 13th of our themed community rides on Sept 10th.

Our largest group ever, 63 cyclists gathered at Terry Miller Recreation Centre for Brampton Tour the Trees. BCAC co-chair Lisa delivered the safety briefing to a range of new to very experienced riders. Our rides feature low volume roads, bike lanes, urban shoulders and multi-use paths. A led-ride offers a safer experience for all.

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Hazel McCallion Line HLRT

Hazel McCallion Line HLRT to accommodate transit, pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles with safe convenient options. Cycling infrastructure will include a network of multi-use paths, bike lanes, and trails running along both sides of the corridor, integrating seamlessly with existing infrastructure. BikeBrampton is pleased to have successfully advocated for active transportation in this project.

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Ghost Bike Ride for Prakash Mariyappan

Bike the Creek 9th Annual

Another successful Bike the Creek completed! Over 1,500 riders registered. Happy families, tourists, sponsors, volunteers, community leaders joined this FREE signature cycling event.

Partners Brampton, Caledon, Mississauga, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and BikeBrampton worked 8 months to plan the 6 routes through spectacular valleys, trails, historic landmarks, rural roads, and bike lanes.

BTC 2023 Partner Logos
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Bike to Work Day 2023

City of Brampton hosted a celebration of Bike to Work Day on June 1 in Garden Square. Welcomed were BikeBrampton, Different Spokes DT bike hub, Brampton Cycling Club, Algoma U, Brampton Transit, Ride Don’t Hide and 3 e-scooter companies: Bird, Scooty, and Neuron. McDonalds sponsored complementary breakfast. This was a great kick-off to Bike Month!

Bike to Work Day 2023 poster
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Cycling Chronicles 15 – BikeBrampton 10 Years

Steve Stoller Reflects on BikeBrampton 10 Years.

For me, it all began with the desire to establish a cycling heat map by Region of Peel Active Transportation. I had responded to a request in the local newspaper for cyclists interested in logging trips. The purpose was to develop a Peel cycling heat map.

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Earth Day BikeWrx

Know Your Rights in Brampton

BikeBrampton welcomed The Biking Lawyer Dave Shellnut to a BikeWrx workshop at Different Spokes. 21 cyclists from all walks of life gathered for a presentation and rousing discussion about how cyclists can protect themselves. The Bike Lawyer LLP provided valuable advice on steps to take in the event of a cyclist-motorist collision.

Different Spokes Know Your Rights workshop
Dave Shellnutt, The Biking Lawyer presenting to BikeBrampton members at Different Spokes
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BikeBrampton Celebrates 10 Years

The biggest change over the last 10 years is the culture shift. When we started BikeBrampton in 2013, seeing a cyclist was so rare we took a photo! Now we see cyclists every day!

People ride bikes not only for recreation on a weekend afternoon. They ride to work, to do errands, to visit friends and family. They ride in good weather and when it rains and snows. They ride on the trails. They ride on the roads. They ride on bike lanes. They even ride on sidewalks when they technically shouldn’t… However, that reflects education and how safe folks feel on the infrastructure that is continually improving.

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Summarizing 5 Years of Community Cycling in Peel Region

Peel Region Publishes a Retrospective Analysis of its Community Cycling Program in Brampton, Caledon & Mississauga.

Like many communities in the Greater Toronto Area, Peel Region faces multiple challenges. Inflation is putting a squeeze on household finances, traffic volumes threaten to swamp available road space, health issues related to the pandemic and to sedentary lifestyles are threatening to overburden healthcare systems. And a rapidly changing climate is wreaking havoc on local and worldwide weather patterns, causing untold suffering and threatening to overwhelm disaster relief systems. Increasing bicycle use is one important way to positively impact all of these issues, especially if the bike ride replaces a car ride to shorter-distance destinations.

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