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Buying a Used Bike

21 Jun 2021, Posted by Dayle Laing in Brampton Cycling

Buying a Used Bike Have you had sticker shock when buying a used bike? Bike mechanic Gerald Pyjor offers these tips on getting value for your purchase. Prices for used bikes have risen dramatically in the past year. High demand is the reason. A quick search of online marketplaces turns up several results of prices that are unrealistic to me. Here are a few tips of what to look at when you are buying a used bike. You could be…

Streets for People

25 May 2021, Posted by Dayle Laing in Brampton Cycling

Streets for People Turning the pyramid on its end, Brampton proclaimed Streets for People. Brampton’s 2040 Vision stated civic sustainability emphasizes walking, then cycling, then transit, and finally vehicles. City of Brampton’s 29.3 km of new bike facilites for 2021 has been announced with a flurry of ‘bike lane coming soon’ signs for 17 roads. Building on the 19.7 km of infrastructure from 2020, Brampton is creating a solid cycling network that will encourage more people to shift to the…

Cycling Chronicles Vol 6

23 Apr 2021, Posted by Dayle Laing in Brampton Cycling

When we talk about epic struggles, like man versus mountain, we must realize that in this conflict, the mountain does not care. The mountain is just there, looming. “There was a time in this fair land when the railroad did not run. When the wild majestic mountains stood alone against the sun” – Canadian Railroad Trilogy,  by Gordon Lightfoot Man is just an insignificant speck with a manufactured personal challenge to scale the mountain. Whether man succeeds depends less on the mountain…

Trail Etiquette

25 Mar 2021, Posted by Dayle Laing in Brampton Cycling, Cycling Safety

Cyclists and pedestrians must safely share the trail. Here are tips for user comfort. City of Brampton has prepared these tips. “Brampton is a HEALTHY and SAFE city”. Cyclists:  Pass to the left Keep speed low Be careful around children and groups Be courteous Ring bell or yell Pedestrians: Do not block the path Watch for other users Stay to the right of the path Dogs must be on a leash Ring your bell or call out It’s the law…

Second Spring with COVID-19

16 Mar 2021, Posted by Dayle Laing in Brampton Cycling

One year later, we’re into the Second Spring with COVID-19. Congratulations Brampton! We’ve passed the first anniversary of living with a pandemic. The oppression and monotony of last year’s lockdowns made palatable only because we were able to get outside. For exercise, for recreation or merely to get from one place to another, people started walking or biking in this City like never before. The City responded quickly to the demand. More space was made available for pedestrians and cyclists. The…

Lock your bike securely

19 Feb 2021, Posted by Dayle Laing in Brampton Cycling, Cycling Safety

Prevent bike theft by locking your bike frame and front wheel securely. Note your serial number and register with police. As the days get longer and warmer, we will be riding more frequently and longer distances. Bikes are a valuable commodity, especially during the pandemic. They are hard to find at any price and must be protected. Here are some tips for you to consider. Do you have the right lock to protect your property? Bike Security Tips: Take a…

Why we can’t bike in winter

28 Jan 2021, Posted by Dayle Laing in Brampton Cycling, Cycling Safety, Videos

Why Canadians Can’t Bike in the Winter Not Just Bikes video below shows clearly why most Canadians (Bramptonians) don’t bike in winter and how we could. Well worth the watch! “When talking about bicycle infrastructure in Canada, the number one excuse I hear is “winter.” Many Canadians see the cold and snow as a fundamental barrier to year round cycling. But one city, Oulu in Finland, with winter weather worse than most Canadian cities, shows that winter cycling has nothing…

The reason we ride bicycles is different for each cyclist. There is something universal among all cyclists. Bicycles represent freedom. The modern bicycle, the design of which has not significantly changed in over a hundred and forty years, symbolizes the same thing it did in the 1880s. The freedom to travel. This freedom to travel was accentuated by the fact that your engine of travel was totally reliant on your own energy output. There was no hitching up of horses…

BikeBrampton 2020 Review

14 Dec 2020, Posted by Dayle Laing in Brampton Cycling, Videos

Bike Brampton 2020 Review Video The year of COVID-19 allowed BikeBrampton to pivot to on-line and outdoor events for our Community Cycling Program normally offered at Brampton Bike Hubs & Caledon Bike Hubs. See some of the lives we touched and the accomplishments of our Active Transportation advocacy!     Thanks to our partners, sponsors and volunteers for a great year!

Cycling Chronicles Vol 4

26 Nov 2020, Posted by Dayle Laing in Brampton Cycling

Consider the moose. Compared to a human I mean. Height wise, we are talking 5½-7½ ft (1.7–2.3 m) at the shoulder, ranging in weight from 900 lbs (408 kg) for a mature female to way over a 1000 lbs (454 kg) for a mature male. Even a female dwarfs a standard horse. This is a story of a chance meeting between a female moose and me. I would classify this as a close encounter. It was the mid 1990’s and…

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