Diwali Glow Ride

Diwali Glow Rides

Different Spokes celebrated festival of lights with two Diwali Glow Rides, one for Algoma University students and one for diverse members of Brampton Bike Hub. Folks from children to seniors were invited to decorate their bikes with lights and enjoy sweets. 41 happy cyclists participated in these group rides through Downtown Brampton streets, following the rider safety briefing.

Diwali Glow Ride

Cyclists gathered inside Different Spokes’ Brampton Bike Hub to attach lights to their bikes. Some parent members brought their children.

Diwali Glow Ride decorating bikes with light

Councillor Gurpartap Singh Toor joined the Diwali Glow Ride group of 26 on Nov 11th.

Councillor Gurpartap Singh Toor Diwali Glow Ride

Riders waiting to use signalized crossride on Queen Street at Scott/James Streets.

Diwali Glow Ride cyclists waiting to use crossride on Queen St

Marshall volunteers flanked the cyclists for extra group safety at the James/John Streets crossride. The leader Sonia, waited for everyone to gather before crossing the CN railway tracks.

Diwali Glow Ride crossride

George Shepperdley waited on Mill Street to photograph the Diwali Glow Ride cyclists as they headed south for the Charolais bike lanes.

Diwali Glow Ride, Mill St

George captured ride leader Sonia, followed by the row of glowing lighted bicycle riders.

Diwali Glow Ride

Algoma has been borrowing bicycles from the bike hub in a bike share arrangement that specifically meets the needs of the students.

Algoma U students Diwali Glow Ride

14 Algoma students with bikes decorated, set for their Diwali Glow Ride on Nov 10th.

Diwali Glow Ride Algoma U

Yes, we ride all year round. Celebrating Diwali is another opportunity to bundle up and enjoy riding in all types of weather!