Here’s how we can bridge the gender gap in biking

Despite overall growth in the number of people biking to work, there are still some challenges that need to be addressed by cities, organizations, and employers for more women to bike more often.

Cornell University professor Mildred Warner sums up this approach well: “Asking, ‘Would a woman feel comfortable walking here at dusk?’ and getting an affirmative response likely means that most people will feel comfortable using the space. Women can be used as a bellwether for safety, as well as other planning priorities. Regarding transportation planning, women are choice riders: if more women ride transit, more people will ride.”

Source: Here’s how we can bridge the gender gap in biking || Greater Greater Washington

Major New AT Investment to Make Cycling Safer, More Convenient

Ontario is making it safer and more convenient for people to get around by bike, by more than doubling its investment in local cycling to build bike lanes and other cycling infrastructure in towns and cities across the province. This investment is part of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan and is funded by proceeds from the province’s cap on pollution and carbon market.

Across Ontario, 120 municipalities will receive funding from the province for new bike lanes and other cycling infrastructure. The province is investing $93 million this year:

Brampton will be receiving $1,780,604 of this funding.

Source: Major New Investment to Make Cycling Safer and More Convenient

Cycling in the Snow: What does it look like?

Year-round counts at Bloor and Castle Frank record winter bicycle traffic that is just over one fifth summertime levels. As of June 2017, the Bloor bike lane saw an average of 5,220 cyclists per day. If one fifth continue to cycle through the winter, we can expect to see over 1,000 cyclists a day on Bloor, making it as busy as some Toronto bike lanes in the summer.

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Toronto bike lanes Study shows they are good for Business and Safety

Ontario Making Communities and Attractions More Bike-Friendly

Ontario Making Commuting Easier for Cyclists in Southern Ontario

Brampton GeoHub: Storytelling With Data

The Brampton GeoHub is a platform that features initiative driven tools that help grow transparency and foster innovation everywhere. Use this link to get access to Brampton stories, These data-driven stories prepared by the City of Brampton.

The City of Brampton is working towards building a bicycle-friendly city, and its efforts have been recognized through the Bicycle Friendly Community Awards with a Bronze status, announced by the Share the Road Cycling Coalition at the April 12 Ontario Bike Summit awards.

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​This School Bus Lets Kids Bike to Class | Bicycling

As if cyclists needed another reason to be envious of France, the land famous for le Tour recently debuted a pedal-powered transportation system for children. Since the beginning of the year, about 30 students at Anatole France, a public elementary school in the town of Louviers, have been taking the S’Cool Bus—essentially a large tandem bike with electric assist—under the supervision of a “bus” driver.

Source: This School Bus Lets Kids Bike to Class | Bicycling

Tell Your Councillor: You Support Downtown Re-Imagined

Downtown Streetscaping

The Region of Peel, in coordination with the City of Brampton’s future streetscaping program, is beginning a multi-year project that will replace aging infrastructure, replace and reline existing sanitary sewers, as well install new water mains and sanitary sewers.

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Region of Peel Bike Safety Day