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Downtown Streetscaping

The Region of Peel, in coordination with the City of Brampton’s future streetscaping program, is beginning a multi-year project that will replace aging infrastructure, replace and reline existing sanitary sewers, as well install new water mains and sanitary sewers.

This project provides an opportunity to create a vibrant urban centre in downtown Brampton. The City of Brampton is working towards creating an aesthetically beautiful streetscape around the historic Four Corners. From Mill Street South to Chapel Street on Queen street and Nelson Street East and Wellington Street on Main Street, an environmental assessment is underway to define and create a street that will bring together pedestrians, cyclists and motorists in a safe and sustainable way. From the addition of cycle lanes to landscaping between street and sidewalk to capitalize on pedestrian walkability and enhance amenities, the public realm in downtown Brampton is set to undergo an exciting transformation.

Brampton residents: Please find your councillor and let them know that you support the Downtown Brampton streetscaping project.


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An important part of this project is the introduction of separated cycle tracks, creating a safe space for people to bring bicycles downtown, which BikeBrampton has posted on before.



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Early feedback on the project has been very supportive. 63% of the PIC No. 1 feedback supports removing on-street parking!


Brampton staff have analyzed traffic flows and parking requirements in the downtown over the next two decades. Main and Queen Streets will handle the anticipated traffic volumes as a result of this configuration. Staff have also identified drop-off zones and available area parking as a convenient alternative to the current on-street parking. This suggests that spending money to continue supporting on-street parking, particularly when it’s clear that there is enough garage parking to cover the removal, and little public interest in keeping it, is not a sound investment.



However, some concerns have been expressed about the removal of on-street parking and supporting bike lanes. We thought that this would be a good opportunity to share some information about how cycling benefits the local economy, sharing insights from North America, and around the world.


Cycling Production Is Increasing Around The World,
Car Production And Interest Is Decreasing

Whereas some car manufacturers have needed a helping hand from higher levels of government, bicycle production around the world has surpassed automobile production. Closer to home, a very important demographic shift is occurring: Drivers licenses are not seen as being important. This phenomenon is not limited to Canada. It’s happening across North America.


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Cycling Patrons Spend More Money

“They may buy less per visit. But over the course of a month, bikers out-consumed drivers at bars, restaurants and convenience stores.”

Communities which have implemented similar beautification efforts within their urban centres have experienced an increased vibrancy along these streets, with more pedestrian and cyclist traffic that supports larger and more consistent retail sales for the majority of area business owners.

Several studies, including a study from Toronto, now show a pattern of cyclists and pedestrians end up spending more each month than drivers. One of the ways to potentially cut this gap and boost spending size is to support the use of cargo bikes.


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Cycling Creates Spinoff Business

As was the case with the automobile industry, investing in cycling as a transportation solution creates jobs and spinoff business. Like cars, bicycles periodically need repair. This creates an opportunity for businesses to maintain and repair bicycles. Custom bicycle designs have become successful in cities like Detroit and Portland. Copenhagen is the home of the Larry vs. Harry Bullitt.

“DHL Express has already replaced up to 60% of inner-city vehicle routes in some European countries with cargo bicycles, and we expect that the City Hub and Cubicycle will both help us to accelerate this approach in other markets over the next 3-5 years”

The availability of cargo bikes has started to change how business is done in a very important sector: Logistics. Brampton is close to Pearson Airport, and has a significant CN intermodal yard. Companies like DHL are utilizing electric assist cargo bikes to replace trucks for inner city delivery. They offer many advantages, including being able to make up to two times as many stops per hour than a delivery vehicle. The total cost of ownership over their lifetime is less than half of a van. UPS has launched a similar initiative in Portland. Going back to potential local business benefits: “The electric bike was also designed and built in Portland by Truck Trikes”.

The bicycle, now celebrating it’s 200th year, is making a comeback. Our modern-day paved roads started with people demanding better places to cycle. History is repeating itself around the world, and Brampton has an opportunity to be an important leader in this change.

Again, please find your councillor and let them know that you support the Downtown Brampton streetscaping project.


Find Your Councillor

Accessible Cycling is Better Together | dandyhorse magazine

Main and Queen – Downtown Streetscape

The City of Brampton has initiated a Class Environmental Assessment for streetscaping the downtown to create an aesthetically beautiful environment to boost the image and awareness of the downtown revitalization efforts. The main objectives are to create a complete street that will capitalize the walkability and pedestrian capacity downtown, to animate these streets and to become a place making destination capturing the heart of Bramptonians and visitors.

This study will define the problem, identify and evaluate alternative solutions to the problem, evaluate alternative design concepts for the solution, recommend a preferred design concept and assess potential impacts and identify mitigation measures associated with the preferred design.

Source: City of Brampton | Roads & Traffic |


This exciting project is being evaluated by Brampton staff. If you weren’t able to make it out to the PIC Meeting on February 23, it’s no problem. The panels and design alternatives are available online.

One of the design concepts, particularly noteworthy for cycling modal share, is “Design Alternative 2“.



Key features:

  • Space for a “Market Zone”
  • Clearway and Furniture Zones
  • A raised Bicycle Lane, separated by automobile traffic by a curb/gutter.


Other noteworthy considerations are around the Downtown Outdoor Furniture, including cycling “ring and posts”, and other amenities to support cycling. Perhaps a repair station?



What are your thoughts?

See this Comment Sheet for questions from the project team, then:


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Why Local Businesses Shouldn’t Worry About Eliminating On-Street Parking | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

Bike to Work Day 2016

Record group of cyclists gathered in downtown Brampton Garden Square for 4th annual Bike to Work Day on May 30th, kicking off Bike Month. Downtown BIA joined City of Brampton, Region of Peel, BikeBrampton and Brampton Transit in partnering to plan the event for enthusiastic cyclists. Group-led rides from 6 starting points encouraged cyclists to try commuting to downtown Brampton.

Mayor Linda Jeffrey spoke of an exciting future for cycling in Brampton. Peel Police Chief Jennifer Evans reminded us of rules of the road for cyclists and motorists.

2016 05 B2WD BIA & C Medeiros_700

Councillor Martin Medeiros joined members of Downtown BIA who borrowed a fleet of beautiful city bikes from The Cyclepath Brampton. Nic from Cyclepath, provided mini-tune ups to cyclists who were gearing up for Bike Month.

2016 23 B2WD Peel Police Chief Evans & 1-metre law_700

Peel Police Chief Jennifer Evans checks out BikeBrampton’s new MTO Road Safety Challenge banner which explains the 1-Metre Safe Passing Law (the distance minimum that drivers must leave to safely pass cyclists on the road).

2016 30 B2WD FabulousShirt W+R_700

Councillor Gael Miles selects her Bike Month T-shirt after answering cycling skill question at Peel Walk+Roll booth. Community Bike Centre (at the booth behind) explained their Bike4Brampton challenge, where 1 tree will be planted for every 20km biked!

2016 35 B2WD PeelPolice W+R_700

Peel Region Police attended, tweeted and shared safety fluorescent bracelets. Look for Neighbourhood Policing Unit bike patrol officers who ride our trails and streets this season!

2016 09 B2WD COB_700

City of Brampton staff displayed why they have achieved Bicycle Friendly Business Bronze status.

2016 07 B2WD T by Daniel_700

T by Daniel was one of several local merchants who provided great food and drink to start our day!

2016 01 B2WD BB BCAC booth_700

BikeBrampton and Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee shared a booth to educate, and promote Bike Month events like Bike the Creek and Brampton’s new Community Bike Rides.

2016 08 B2WD cyclist_700

Downtown Brampton is so bike-able!

Toronto International Bicycle Show

Join us at Toronto International Bicycle Show Mar 4-6 2016.

Toronto International Bike Show 2015 logo

BikeBrampton & Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee will be promoting Bike the Creek Jun 18th (free registration is now open) and a 2016 exciting series of 10 Brampton Community Rides at our booth.

Did you know that Brampton is a cycling tourist destination? Our city is full of fabulous valley trails, including our Etobicoke Creek Trail, which traverses the entire north-south length of the city.

Did you know that both Brampton and the Region of Peel are Bicycle Friendly Businesses, as designated “Bronze status” by Share the Road Cycling Coalition?

Register online for the Toronto International Bicycle Show, and save $2.00!

  • World’s largest Bicycle Consumer Show!
  • Best Place to buy!
  • See the newest products with the best selection offered all under one roof
  • Extreme action events daily!

30th Annual  Toronto International Bicycle Show

Friday, March 4, 2016 – Noon to 9 P.M.
Saturday, March 5, 2016 – 10 A.M. to 7 P.M.
Sunday, March 6, 2016 – 10 A.M. to 6 P.M.

Better Living Centre,  Exhibition Place, Toronto

Bicycle Fall Blowout Sale, October 15, 2016

  • The best deals on end of season clear-out stock
  • A once-a-year, 7 hour, sales blitz – 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

17th Annual  Bicycle Fall Blowout Sale

Saturday, October 15, 2016 – 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.

Enercare Centre,  East Annex, Hall F, Door 33
North Entrance (next to Ricoh Coliseum Hockey Arena)
Exhibition Place, Toronto

BikeBrampton 2015 Reflections

Reflecting on 2015, much progress was made.  BikeBrampton members can be proud our advocacy made a difference.

BikeBrampton Bike the Creek Garden Square

Partial list of notable progress made:

  1. Community Bike Centre was created in partnership with Region of Peel and Community Environment Alliance. CBC ran a number of programs in 2015 including BikeWrx mechanics training and Pedalwise cycling mentorship to encourage public participation in active transportation.
  2. Two community bike rides including Bike the Creek and Bramalea CycleFest 2015 encouraged close to 600 participants to ride on Brampton’s trail network.
  3. Bicycle Friendly Business Program was launched in July in partnership with Share The Road Cycling Coalition. The BFB program aims to recognize those employers in Brampton who support and encourage their employees and customers to use active transportation to and from the workplace. We now have 2 Bronze level Bicycle Friendly Businesses including: City of Brampton and Region of Peel.
  4. Brampton Kids on Bikes project in partnership with the Heart and Stroke Foundation created a lot of awareness and support for student active transportation in Brampton and Peel Region. Peel Public Health has increased efforts to promote school travel planning programs and Peel Police in concert with a number of stakeholders, including the school boards have produced a series of videos extoling the virtues of student active transportation.
  5. City of Brampton has created and filled the position of Project Manager, Active Transportation. It has also created a citizens Cycling Advisory Committee as an official Committee of Council. These actions indicate greater awareness and support for active transportation in the City.
  6. Both the City and Region have made investments in improved active transportation infrastructure during the last year. Bike lanes have been installed at County Court and Grenoble Boulevards, urban shoulders and sharrows have been installed along McMurchy south of Queen. And Dixie Road from Bovaird to Steeles has seen major improvements and extentions to the pathway network.

All of these things bode well for more good things to come in 2016 and beyond! Warmest wishes for a happy, healthy and safe 2016!

David Laing, Chair, BikeBrampton

Bicycle Friendly Business Awards

The 1st round of Bicycle Friendly Business Awards in Brampton were announced at a workshop ceremony on Oct 14, 2015.


BFB_BADGES_Bronze_100Bronze was awarded to City of Brampton and Region of Peel.

Receiving Honourable Mention were Sheridan College Davis Campus and GreenField Specialty Alcohols Inc.

Canadian Tire A.J. Billes Distribution Centre participated in the workshop to acquire more information for a future application.

2015 05 BFB Award winners_300

“Active transportation is predictable — on time, all the time.”

Justin Jones,  from Share the Road Cycling Coalition provided workshop tips along with an inspirational presentation from David Laing, Chair of BikeBrampton, (a key supporter of this program).

2015 02 BFB Awards David Laing_300

One of the most important aspects of this program is the social side of cycling. This benefit of employee happiness could easily be overlooked. Employers know that happiness leads to loyalty and productivity. Customers favourably support those companies that pay attention to the “triple bottom line”.

Some of the points made in the workshop were:

  • No single path to becoming a Bicycle Friendly Business; but there are common building blocks
  • Long term bike parking needs to be covered and secure
  • End-of-trip facilities could be showers or a discounted gym membership
  • Content in the Education section of the BFB application was the weakest amongst all the  applicants from across Ontario
  • There needs to be education amongst both cyclists and drivers in the community on how to successfully share the road
  • June is now officially “Bike Month” in Ontario, thanks to Share the Road’s Founder, MPP Eleanor McMahon’s private member’s bill being passed in the legislature
  • Bike Month can be preceded by inviting a mobile bike repair shop to visit the business to ensure everyone is tuned-up and ready for the season
  • Team building can include bike maintenance education — this can subsequently be a volunteer activity for giving back to the community
  • Amazon recently paid privately to have an Active Transportation corridor installed in Seattle!

Brampton, Thunder Bay and Hamilton were pleased to be the 3 communities invited to participate in this first round of Bicycle Friendly Business Awards. There were 27 businesses certified: 2 Gold; 6 Silver; and 19 Bronze.

More sage workshop advice:

“The Bicycle Friendly Business program is about much more than lines on the road or bike parking.”

“Make it easier for everyone to say ‘yes’ to cycling”

“What gets measured gets managed”

Evaluation and Planning (one of the five “E’s”) is necessary for the business to know the impact on their bottom line. For example, US results have shown that there are 1-3 fewer sick days per year amongst cycling to work employees. Cycling commuters should be surveyed regularly.

Learn more about how your company can be amongst the next Bicycle Friendly Businesses in Brampton!

Bicycle Friendly Business Program

Application for the Bicycle Friendly Business Program is now available!

Share the Road Cycling Coalition says:

“Bikes are GREAT for business.”


When your business promotes cycling, your employees are more active and healthier. You attract talent who share your values of creating more active, sustainable communities. This draws both like-minded employees and customers to your business.

Share the Road is pleased to introduce, with help from our friends at the League of American Bicyclists, the Bicycle Friendly Business program for Ontario Businesses.

Through the Bicycle Friendly Business (BFB℠) program, employers are recognized for their efforts to encourage a more welcoming atmosphere for bicycling employees, customers, and the community

Deserving businesses are recognized at the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels and all applicants receive valuable feedback and assistance in becoming more welcoming to bicycling.

Awarded businesses are recognized in a province-wide press release, through Share the Road’s social media and through the BFB Map, which will be made available once the first round of awards are announced.

Apply to the program and see how bicycling can help your business create more energized, alert, and productive employees, attract and retain top talent, and draw more customers!

Share the Road Bicycle Friendly Business Program page

Bicycle Friendly Business Program FAQs

Bicycle Friendly Business Program Application link

Come on Brampton, let’s show the rest of Ontario how bicycle friendly Brampton businesses are!

BikeBrampton is proud to be one of the sponsors of this very worthwhile program!

David Laing, Chair of Bike Brampton, announced the program at Bike to Work Day:

2015 05 25 Bike to Work Day Bike Friendly Business Announcement