Caledon’s Active Transportation Survey

Riders visit Caledon Bike Hub Pop Up along the Caledon Trail

The Town of Caledon is developing its Active Transportation Master Plan. It wants input from you whether or not you own a home or business there. If you ride a bike or hike in the Town, please provide your thoughts on what walking and cycling strategies the Town should employ to make life better for both residents and visitors.

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Summarizing 5 Years of Community Cycling in Peel Region

Peel Region Publishes a Retrospective Analysis of its Community Cycling Program in Brampton, Caledon & Mississauga.

Like many communities in the Greater Toronto Area, Peel Region faces multiple challenges. Inflation is putting a squeeze on household finances, traffic volumes threaten to swamp available road space, health issues related to the pandemic and to sedentary lifestyles are threatening to overburden healthcare systems. And a rapidly changing climate is wreaking havoc on local and worldwide weather patterns, causing untold suffering and threatening to overwhelm disaster relief systems. Increasing bicycle use is one important way to positively impact all of these issues, especially if the bike ride replaces a car ride to shorter-distance destinations.

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Different Spokes Grand Opening of Do it Yourself Bike Repair Co-operative in Downtown Brampton

Punjabi Community Health Services (PCHS) and BikeBrampton were pleased to host the grand opening of Different Spokes, Region of Peel’s first community-based bicycle co-operative and social services centre in downtown Brampton, at 8 Nelson St. W, August 18, 2022.

Different Spokes inner tube ribbon cutting
Grand opening of Different Spokes inner tube ribbon cutting by PCHS CEO Baldev Mutta, Mississauga Councillor Chris Fonseca, Caledon Councillor Johanna Downey, Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown, Brampton Councillor Rowena Santos, Brampton Councillor Paul Vicente, and behind, BikeBrampton chair David Laing

The Different Spokes venue will be shared jointly by BikeBrampton and PCHS. BikeBrampton will operate the facility 4 days a week, offering tools and workstations for members to perform their own bike repairs under direction of a bike mechanic. Free workshops on cycling skills and safety training will be offered. PCHS will provide health, settlement and social services, by appointment on a weekly basis.

Different Spokes bike hub work benches set for grand opening
Different Spokes bike hub work benches set for the grand opening reveal

“Community based bicycle co-operatives offer a venue for people to learn about bicycles and help build a community that promotes and supports sustainable transportation”, said David Laing, Chair of BikeBrampton and one of the organizers bringing Different Spokes to the City. “Encouraging more people to bike to destinations yields many community benefits including improved health, lower carbon emissions and less traffic congestion”, added Laing.

Brampton Bike Hub & Caledon Bike Hub story board successes
Different Spokes story boards showing the success of Brampton Bike Hub and Caledon Bike Hub, and why the Community Cycling Program (CCP) is important to the priorities of the Region.

“Teaming with BikeBrampton in this facility is a natural fit” said Amanjit Kahlon, Manager, Community Development at PCHS. “Brampton’s downtown is an underserved community from a social services perspective and many people in the area use bikes, buses, and trains to travel to and from work or school. The bike is an essential form of transportation for them. Working with BikeBrampton, we can help clients keep their bikes in good condition and their, minds and bodies healthy,” added Kahlon.

PCHS CEO Baldev Mutta
CEO Baldev Mutta explaining the social services that PCHS will provide at Different Spokes.

BikeBrampton is a community volunteer group that encourages, promotes, and advocates for safe and convenient active transportation alternatives (primarily walking and cycling), in the City of Brampton and the Region of Peel.

Different Spokes Manager Sonia Maset and crowd
Different Spokes Manager Sonia Maset (in blue shirt), BikeBrampton members and crowd watched the grand opening.

PCHS is a charitable health service provider with a mandate to provide health, settlement, and social services to improve the quality of life of individuals, families and diverse communities using an anti-racism, anti-oppression framework. The organization has been serving the Peel Region community for 32 years.

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown, Caledon Councillors Jennifer Innis & Johanna Downey
Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown, Caledon Regional Councillors Jennifer Innis & Johanna Downey at Different Spokes grand opening.
Brampton Councillors Paul Vicente & Rowena Santos
Brampton Councillors Paul Vicente and Rowena Santos, champions of active transportation, healthy living and economic development, at Different Spokes grand opening
Brampton cycling map for route planning
PCHS counselling area, and City of Brampton cycling map for route planning instruction
Grand opening of Different Spokes, Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown, Dayle, David, Caledon Regional Councillor Jennifer Innis.
BikeBrampton Chair David Laing showed off Different Spokes bike work stations to Regional Councillors Paul Vicente, Jennifer Innis and Rowena Santos.
Regional Councillors Jennifer Innis and Rowena Santos admired the bike work stations at Different Spokes grand opening.
Brampton South MP Sonia Sidhu sent congratulations and best wishes upon the grand opening of Different Spokes
City of Brampton Regional Councillor Rowena Santos, Mayor Patrick Brown, and Regional Councillor Paul Vicente presented certificate of recognition to Downtown Brampton Bike Hub, Different Spokes

Old School Road Closing

Old School Road is a popular recreational cycling route. The bad news it will be closed for the next 12 months. According to the Town of Caledon website Old School Road will be closed from September 6, 2021 to August 31, 2022. The good news is that the reconstruction should include wider paved shoulders and a smoother surface for more pleasant cycling.

Bike the Creek Environmentally Sustainable Communities

Due to precautionary measures surrounding COVID-19, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), City of Brampton, City of Mississauga, Town of Caledon, Region of Peel and BikeBrampton have made the collective decision to cancel the 2020 Bike the Creek event scheduled for Saturday June 13th.

We look forward to welcoming you all at the 2021 Bike the Creek virtual event in June. 

This post was written on Jan 26th, before the events of COVID-19 unfolded. Your Bike the Creek planning committee is a model of collaborative partnership. The details of this post are being maintained below, as we look ahead to making our plans become a reality in 2021.

The main purpose of the Bike the Creek event is to encourage active transportation and to increase environmental awareness in our communities. The theme for this year’s event is Environmentally Sustainable Communities and we want this year’s Bike the Creek to be a celebration of environmental sustainable plans and practices.

We all know that the population growth in Peel Region continues putting tremendous pressure on our environment by reducing habitat for plants and animals, as well as producing large amounts of waste products that pollute our land and water and contribute to climate change.

Economic growth and environmental sustainability go hand in hand, and decisions made at the municipal have a tremendous impact on both our financial prosperity and our environmental quality of life.

The good news is that all three municipal governments in Peel Region are taking climate responsibility seriously!

By spending a few minutes at the Bike the Creek pavilions you can learn what our municipal governments and Toronto and Region Conservation Authority are doing as well as the role you can play in keeping our planet clean and green.

Encourage your co-workers, friends and family to come out and show your support for Environmentally Sustainable Communities in the Region of Peel.

See you there, from your Bike the Creek partners: Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), City of Brampton, Town of Caledon, City of Mississauga, Region of Peel and BikeBrampton!

For event information

It’s a FREE event!



Bike to School Week 2019

Hey kids and parents, registration is now open for Bike to School Week 2019. Encourage your school to sign up. Every year more schools in Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon participate in Bike to School week than anywhere else in Ontario. Last year, different schools hosted bike rodeos, bike swaps, decorate your bike days, bike assemblies, group rides and many more activities. Check out some of last year’s Twitter posts.

Riding a bike is fun, healthy and helps save the environment. The Region of Peel is encouraging Peel schools to sign up early. Schools registering before April 29th will receive a free promotional package with bike bells, bike locks, bike lights, bracelets, pins, stickers and a helmet. Almost 100 schools have already signed up so don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Register today!

Institute for Sustainable Brampton

The ISB task force delegated to City of Brampton Committee of Council on Feb 13th. Link to Agenda

BikeBrampton’s main purpose is for the City of Brampton to become a more bicycle friendly community; one that encourages safe cycling for both transportation and recreation. A major milestone towards that goal was achieved in the spring of 2017 when the City was awarded Bicycle Friendly Community Bronze status by Share the Road Cycling Coalition.

This past spring the City took yet another step as City Council endorsed Brampton 2040 Vision: Living the Mosaic[1] The visioning process was one of the largest public consultations that the City has ever undertaken. Ideas were contributed by over 11,000 residents, including some members of BikeBrampton. Throughout the process it became abundantly clear, Bramptonians want a green and environmentally sustainable Brampton. As such, sustainability permeates throughout the Vision beginning with the first of seven building block vision statements.

Vision 2040 cover picture

“In 2040, Brampton will be a mosaic of sustainable urban places, sitting within an interconnected green park network, with its people as environmental stewards – targeting ‘one-planet’ living.”[2]

The 2040 Vision specifies the Institute for Sustainable Brampton (ISB) as THE vehicle to steward the City towards ‘one-planet’ living. One-Planet Living is a comprehensive standard by which people enjoy happy, healthy, vibrant living within their fair share of the earth’s resources, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness. It is based on ten guiding principles. The principle most dear to BikeBrampton members calls for reducing the need for travel and encouraging low carbon transport including walking and cycling.

10 principals of One-Planet Living

Its up to us as citizens to make Vision 2040 come to life. In the summer of 2018, members of Brampton’s Grow Green Network, a collection of environmentally focused organizations operating in Brampton (including BikeBrampton), formed the ISB Task Force with the objective of making the Institute for Sustainable Brampton a reality.

Brampton’s Grow Green Network meeting February 2018

The task force has drafted a white paper to:

  • Flesh out the ISB concept as outlined in the 2040 Vision document
  • Present a clear case for the need and priority for the ISB
  • Solicit feedback from residents and other city stakeholders on:
    • the stated goal for the ISB
    • its proposed structure
    • its strategic and operational role
  • Gain support for initial funding and next steps
  • Define priorities for the near, medium and long-term

Let us know your thoughts by sending a message to:


[2] Brampton 2040 Vision – Vision 1, ibid. p.21

Announcing Pedalwise and BikeWrx Programs

Announcing Pedalwise and BikeWrx Programs

BikeBrampton, partnering with PCHS, is pleased to announce Pedalwise and BikeWrx launch on Dec 6th, 2017, 50 Sunny Meadow Blvd. #108 Brampton 6:30-8:30 pm. Google Map Location


“Pedalwise is a mentor program for people who want to use their bicycles for errands, commuting and other short distance trips, but lack the confidence to ride on roads in Brampton, especially during the colder months”, says David Laing, BikeBrampton chair. “Pedalwise teams these people up with experienced cyclists who can mentor by offering tips and encouragement as well as accompany the less confident riders as they tackle a new route”, continues Laing. In addition to mentoring, the program offers skills training, route planning, a winter cycling seminar and other tips that make year round cycling practical and enjoyable.


BikeWrx provides a basic bike mechanics certification program plus access to tools and expertise for those wishing to learn how to make adjustments and small repairs themselves. “A lot of bikes end up just collecting dust in someone’s garage because of a flat tire or some small part is missing”, says Laing. “Most of the time all it requires is a small adjustment or a simple fix, but many people just aren’t confident enough to do it themselves.”

BikeWrx will be open most Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm. One Wednesday will be a Do It Yourself night and the alternate Wednesday will offer a mechanics workshop in addition to the drop-in. Brampton residents bringing their bikes to the shop on “DIY” nights get access to tools and expertise.  Those not bringing their own bike can work on a demonstration bike to learn valuable mechanics skills.

Both the Pedalwise and BikeWrx programs are offered free of charge.  Residents need only fill out a survey and, in the case of Pedalwise, commit to logging their trip data for as long as they participate in the program.

For further information, visit

BikeBrampton Meeting This Thursday!

That wasn’t so bad was it? And no, I’m not talking about last night’s Oscars.  I’m referring to the fact that here we are nearing the end of February and this part of Canada has hardly been the land of ice and snow.  Except for a few days of icy conditions, it’s been great winter cycling weather, as long as you are riding with the wind. Well the wind is always at your back when you ride to BikeBrampton meetings. And we have a BikeBrampton meeting coming up this Thursday evening at 6:30pm Chris Gibson Recreation Centre, 125 McLaughlin Road North in the Craft Room.  The agenda, supporting documents and previous meeting minutes can be found here. 

New members are always welcome. Did you know Brampton plans to apply for a major cycling recognition award this spring? Or that Brampton downtown is planning for a major facelift that may involve bike lanes?  Or that a bike bridge will be built across the 410?  Join our meeting to learn all the details.  We live in exciting and interesting times.  Eat your heart out La La Land! 

Biking in Brampton builds our community!

2017 Programs for the Community Bike Centre

The Community Bike Centre offered some programs for 2017 which have been discontinued. Please check out our Events page for the most up to date information on programs available in Brampton!

2016 12 Community Bike Ride 62_500

2015 14 Brampton pickup donations for BikeWrx_300

2014 07 Bike Clinic_300

02-10-01-16-Lisa, Peter, Polly, Steve_500