Announcing Pedalwise and BikeWrx Programs

Announcing Pedalwise and BikeWrx Programs.

BikeBrampton, partnering with PCHS, is pleased to announce Pedalwise and BikeWrx launch on Dec 6th, 2017, 50 Sunny Meadow Blvd. #108 6:30-8:30 pm.

“Pedalwise is a mentor program for people who want to use their bicycles for errands, commuting and other short distance trips, but lack the confidence to ride on roads in Brampton, especially during the colder months”, says David Laing, BikeBrampton chair. “Pedalwise teams these people up with experienced cyclists who can mentor by offering tips and encouragement as well as accompany the less confident riders as they tackle a new route”, continues Laing. In addition to mentoring, the program offers skills training, route planning, a winter cycling seminar and other tips that make year round cycling practical and enjoyable.

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BikeWrx provides a basic bike mechanics certification program plus access to tools and expertise for those wishing to learn how to make adjustments and small repairs themselves. “A lot of bikes end up just collecting dust in someone’s garage because of a flat tire or some small part is missing”, says Laing. “Most of the time all it requires is a small adjustment or a simple fix, but many people just aren’t confident enough to do it themselves.”

BikeWrx will be open most Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm. One Wednesday will be a Do It Yourself night and the alternate Wednesday will offer a mechanics workshop in addition to the drop-in. Brampton residents bringing their bikes to the shop on “DIY” nights get access to tools and expertise.  Those not bringing their own bike can work on a demonstration bike to learn valuable mechanics skills.

Both the Pedalwise and BikeWrx programs are offered free of charge.  Residents need only fill out a survey and, in the case of Pedalwise, commit to logging their trip data for as long as they participate in the program.

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