The Heart Lake Road Corridor study will examine the road’s long term role and function, and associated design requirements that address future multi-modal (vehicle, bike & pedestrian) transportation demand, planned land use and development, protection of environmental features and wildlife, and recognition of its unique cultural heritage.

Heart Lake Road Corridor Public Consultation Notice

The following presents comments on the alternatives displayed, and suggested a further option that takes all the terms of reference into consideration: 2017 11 17 Comments on Heart Lake Road Corridor PIC

Heart Lake Road alternatives

Heart Lake Road can become part of the cycling network in Brampton, with links to Mayfield Road, Countryside Drive, Esker Lake Trail and up into Town of Caledon. Our east-west connections have long been a challenge, particularly over highway #410. Both Countryside Drive and Esker Lake Trail using the Franceschini bridge will make a large improvement in our network.

Heart Lake Wetland Complex is the 7th most important provincially significant wetland out of 2260 listed on MNR’s Ontario Wetland Evaluation System.

Countryside Drive

Countryside Drive has an almost continuous multiuse path from Heart Lake Road east to Highway #50!

Heart Lake Road cyclists

Currently, narrow shoulders encourage mostly confident road cyclists.

Heart Lake Road cyclist

Other cyclists struggle in the gravel shoulder between Heart Lake Road and the Provincially Significant Wetlands.

Trumpeter Swans, Heart Lake Road

Trumpeter Swans risk their babies and selves along Heart Lake Road, where the current posted speed is 60kph.

Heart Lake Road illegal trucks

Trucks routinely use Heart Lake Road, despite posted “no trucks” signs.

Eastern Snapping Turtle, Heart Lake

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) has been conducting an Ecology Monitoring Project since 2011, where citizen scientists have been collecting wildlife data. Check here for links to their reports and delegations to Council.

Great Egret, Heart Lake

Heart Lake Road is a rare gem that deserves protection. Please make your comments known.

Nelson Cadete, Project Manager, Active Transportation City of Brampton  905.874.2552

Francois Tomeo P.Eng., GDBA Project Manager Transportation Planning & Traffic Engineering, Stantec Consulting Ltd. 416-598-6685

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