Brampton Council endorses historic energy plan, including 7% mode share for active transportation to meet 2041 targets.

City of Brampton Council unanimously passed motion to support the Community Energy and Emissions Reduction Plan (CEERP), and to initiate the creation of Community Centre for Energy Transformation (CCET).

This will position Brampton as a community leader in the fight against climate change.

Brampton Energy Transition CEERP

Community Energy and Emissions Reduction Plan 2020 Report

CEERP provides a path for the City to be environmentally sustainable while providing significant economic, social and health benefits to City residents.

Benefits of CEERP

According to a 2016 energy audit, almost 80% of the City’s carbon emissions come from transportation, (mostly private vehicles) and from energy inefficient homes.

Brampton Energy Emissions by Sector

As part of the CEERP, Brampton Council has adopted aggressive targets for greenhouse gas reductions, especially in these areas.

Brampton 2041 Targets - Transportation
Brampton 2041 Targets - Energy

The CEERP calls for the City to implement 6 priority projects within the next 5 years.

CEERP Priority Projects

Priority Project # 6 is particularly exciting. The Community Centre for Energy Transformation will be a not-for-profit entity independent from the City. This will operate independently from the City and not be subject to City restrictions or changes with Council priorities.

Regular readers of BikeBrampton blogs will recall that the CCET is the revised name for Institute for Sustainable Brampton, which was reported in our Jan 13, 2019 blog post.

CCET Collaboration

The CCET will support community wide projects by accessing funding from both the government and private sectors. It will allow the City to create thousands of well-paying green jobs and help repatriate a large portion of the billions of dollars that are currently leaving the community through energy costs to large multinationals and through energy waste.

Most important to active transportation advocates and enthusiasts is that it will provide for more funding and programming to encourage walking and cycling in the City of Brampton.

City of Brampton media release