On June 8th, 2016 — during Bike Month — the province of Ontario announced it’s much-anticipated Climate Change Action Plan. In April 2016, cycling advocates were asked to asked to call on the Province to invest in cycling infrastructure, and Ontario delivered. The plan includes several “actions that support cycling“, as well as other strategies that “will put Ontario on track to reduce transportation-related emissions while also helping to reduce the fuel costs of moving people“.

Action Item 3 is dedicated to support cycling and walking. From the plan:

3) Support cycling and walking

Good cycling infrastructure gets people out of their cars and onto bikes and transit for their daily commute, effectively reducing greenhouse gas pollution while also improving public health. This action will:

3.1 Improve commuter cycling network

The government intends to accelerate and enhance implementation of Ontario’s Cycling Strategy and Action Plan and promote cycling. It will do this through:

3.1.1 A better cycling network

Commuter cycling networks will be established across Ontario, targeting routes with high-commuting volume such as between residential communities, major transit stations and employment areas.

3.1.2 Safe cycling

There will be more cycling facilities in urban areas, including grade-separated routes and cycling signals.

3.1.3 Convenient cycling

There will be more bike parking at transit stations and provincially owned, publicly accessible facilities.

3.1.4 Commuter cycling

Ontario will revise provincial road and highway standards to require commuter cycling infrastructure be considered for all road and highway construction projects where it is safe and feasible. Ontario will do the same for major transit corridors.

The Cycling action item is receiving a total intended funding of:
$150,000,000 to $225,000,000!

More details are available on the Climate Change Action Plan page.