Here’s how we can bridge the gender gap in biking || Greater Greater Washington

Despite overall growth in the number of people biking to work, there are still some challenges that need to be addressed by cities, organizations, and employers for more women to bike more often.

Cornell University professor Mildred Warner sums up this approach well: “Asking, ‘Would a woman feel comfortable walking here at dusk?’ and getting an affirmative response likely means that most people will feel comfortable using the space. Women can be used as a bellwether for safety, as well as other planning priorities. Regarding transportation planning, women are choice riders: if more women ride transit, more people will ride.”

Source: Here’s how we can bridge the gender gap in biking || Greater Greater Washington

Cycling in the Snow: How many do it and what does it actually look like?

Year-round counts at Bloor and Castle Frank record winter bicycle traffic that is just over one fifth summertime levels. As of June 2017, the Bloor bike lane saw an average of 5,220 cyclists per day. If one fifth continue to cycle through the winter, we can expect to see over 1,000 cyclists a day on Bloor, making it as busy as some Toronto bike lanes in the summer.

While this number might seem high to some, it becomes less surprising when we consider Toronto’s climate data. Cara Fisher, an associate of the Winter Cities Institute, has classified Toronto as a “moderate” winter city, along with Calgary and Minneapolis. These cities experience January highs close to 0°C (-1°C in Toronto) and lows close to -10°C (-6°C in Toronto). Temperature extremes are rare.

Source: Cycling in the Snow: How many do it and what does it actually look like?


“We have previously been satisfied with traffic policies that ensure that no one dies or is seriously injured in traffic. But that’s no longer sufficient. Moving Beyond Zero is the new Vision Zero, where we expect the transport system to improve life thanks to active mobility”, says Lars Strömgren, chairman of the Swedish Cycling Advocacy Organisation.

Source: MOVING BEYOND ZERO LAUNCH – Moving Beyond Zero

Bike the Creek Canada 150

Bike the Creek Canada 150 celebrated by largest ever crowd in Brampton & Caledon.

631 cyclists gathered Jun 24, 2017 to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday with a joyful free family ride through the spectacular valleys, trails and historic landmarks of urban and rural Brampton and Caledon.

2017 047 BTC E2E City riders & Peel Police NPU_700

Cyclists from across GTA flocked to rides catering from 11km to 60km. Peel Regional Police Neighbourhood Policing Units 21 & 22 joined the group.

Rob Zaichkowski, a volunteer at Cycle Toronto, avid cyclist, blogger and photographer, commented in his twowheelpoli blogspot post:

“Not only did it give me exposure to cycling north of Steeles, but it is arguably one of the best organized rides in the Greater Toronto Area with hundreds taking part.”

2017 049 BTC E2E City riders_700

Some riders returned for their 4th annual event, while others joined us for the first time, as word has spread! #bikethecreek

2017 045 BTC David Laing rider briefing_700

David Laing, BikeBrampton Chair, and Chair of Bike the Creek organizing committee, delivered rider briefings to each group to encourage cyclists to stop at Pavillions, ride safely, obey volunteer directions, drink water and have fun! The committee of Partners: City of Brampton, Town of Caledon, Toronto and Region Conservation and BikeBrampton have been planning Bike the Creek since last September.

2017 059 BTC E2E City staggered start BEMO_700

City of Brampton Emergency Management directed cyclists in staggered starts of small groups to make it safer and more enjoyable for the 5 groups of riders.

2017 068 BTC Greenfield Team Brompton start_700

BikeBrampton member Lorie, recruited 4 teams of 10 cyclists through her company, Greenfield Specialty Alcohols!

2017 095 BTC Greenfield Team_700

Way to go Lorie! Let’s see more team challenges next year!

2017 082 BTC C Whillans David Mayor Thompson MPP Malhi Minister McGarry Chandra Sharma Dayle_700

Bike the Creek welcomed the most participating dignitaries this year: Brampton Councillor Doug Whillans, (David Laing, Bike Brampton), Caledon Mayor Allan Thompson, MPP Harinder Malhi, Minister of Natural Resources & Forestry MPP Kathryn McGarry, TRCA Director Chandra Sharma, and (Dayle Laing, BikeBrampton).

2017 083 BTC MOH Loh Mayor Thompson David_700

Region of Peel Acting Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Lawrence Loh, RAN the Family Ride, pushing his daughter in a stroller!!! (pictured with Mayor Allan Thompson and David Laing)

2017 042 BTC Polly BCAC sign trailer Councillor Bowman_700

Brampton Councillor Jeff Bowman encouraged the cyclists and celebrated Brampton’s newly designated Bicycle Friendly Community bronze status. BikeBrampton and Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee promoted our series of 14 Community Rides this season. (pictured with Polly, member of BB and BCAC)

Petula Fera from Let’s Discover ON, interviewed Joanna Gardner, key planning committee member from partner Toronto and Region Conservation.

2017 174a BTC Peter Bolton bike repair_700

Cyclists took advantage of mini tune-ups provided by volunteer Peter Bolton, a licensed bike mechanic and CanBike instructor. One cyclist commented “I couldn’t believe that my inner tube was replaced and they did not even charge me! — fabulous service, thanks!”.

2017 174 BTC bike repair Wayne_700

Wayne also provided bike mechanic mini tune-ups as well!

2017 174b BTC BCAC Bike rodeo_700

Alina, a volunteer from Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee set up and ran a Bike Rodeo, teaching cycling skills to the young folks.

2017 093 Minister McGarry & Dayle, Vince behind_700

Bike the Creek appreciated Minister McGarry’s support of our event, as she joined us from her riding in Cambridge.

2017 092 BTC Vince TRCA, MOH Loh_700

Vince from TRCA has project-managed many parts of our fabulous Etobicoke Creek Trail. Dr. Loh was all set to start his run!

2017 103 BTC Caledon OPP_700

Caledon OPP bike officers joined our ride, as they have every year!

2017 107 BTC Stafford Woods_700

Cyclists spread out all the trail, as we cycled through the fabulous Stafford Woods, home to a forest of Sugar Maples, Beeches and Hemlocks and many species of Woodpeckers. This land was deeded to Obediah Stafford, a pioneer settler, in 1819.

2017 114 BTC TRCA bug pavillion Min McGarry_700

Minister McGarry learns about Monarch butterfly life stages from Jen Miles at TRCA Wetlands Pavillion.

An Eastern Snapping Turtle, of course, beside the Etobicoke Creek.

2017 120 BTC Min McGarry, COB Michele Robinson, COB Nelson Cadete, TRCA Dir Chandra Sharma_700

Minister Kathryn McGarry and TRCA Director Chandra Sharma stopped to meet a couple of our key Bike the Creek planning partners: Brampton Recreation Michele Robinson and Brampton Active Transportation Nelson Cadete. This event requires special skills to make a success!

2017 132 BTC Kennedy & Mayfield_700

Bike the Creek included more routes in Town of Caledon this year!

2017 121 BTC Min McGarry Stonegate neighbours_700

This generous family once again welcomed cyclists (including Minister McGarry and Director Sharma). They provided free water and pop. Some cyclists thought this was an official pavilion. The generosity was quite overwhelming!

2017 134 BTC TRCA plastics pavillion_700

TRCA Kenpark Park Stormwater Pavillion educated cyclists about the issue of plastics in our water supply. Cyclists refilled water bottles and had their passports stamped for chances to win prizes.


2017 137 BTC Dr Lawrence Loh MOH_700

Dr. Loh completed his run and encouraged our display of active healthy living! He wants to return next year!

2017 143 BTC Peel Police bike registration_700

Peel Regional Police provided online bicycle registration for Bike the Creek cyclists.

2017 144 BTC Councillor Palleschi & Peel Walk+Roll booth_700

Brampton Regional Councillor Michael Palleschi visited our Title Sponsor Region of Peel Walk + Roll booth. Cyclists won prizes for answering skill-testing cycling questions.

2017 146 BTC Wike booth_700

We welcomed the return of Silver Sponsor WIKE, the Walk & Bike Company! Their range of locally (Guelph) designed and manufactured cycling products never cease to amaze and delight Bike the Creek cyclists! This year, WIKE owners Bob and Anna cycled the End-to-End Ride! Thanks for coming!

We also thank our Silver Sponsor The Cyclepath Brampton and Caledon Hills Cycling for their support and promotion of Bike the Creek.

Hosting Pavillions this year were Sponsors PAMA (Peel Art Gallery Museum + Archives), Credit Valley Conservation (SNAP Fletcher’s Creek) and Brampton Horticultural Society. Wanigan organic fruits and vegetables supplied snacks at Mount Pleasant Community Centre for our Canada 150 riders.

Partner City of Brampton Heritage hosted pavillions at historic Bovaird House (Pendergast Log Cabin) and Brampton Memorial Arena. Partner TRCA also hosted a SNAP Pavillion at County Court Park.

2017 150 BTC Marlaine Koehler & Minister McGarry_700

Executive Director of Waterfront Regeneration Trust, Marlaine Koehler cycled the City Ride (celebrating afterward with Minister Kathryn McGarry). Marlaine and her partners have championed the creation of 2100 km of Great Lakes Waterfront Trail, connecting 114 communities.

2017 160 BTC Minister McGarry speaking & MC Bruce Marshall_700

Minister Kathryn McGarry brought greetings on behalf of Province of Ontario, after cycling the Family Ride.

2017 162 BTC MOH Lawrence Loh speaking & MC Bruce Marshall_700

Peel Acting MOH Dr. Lawrence Loh expressed the importance of living an active life for health, while he demonstrated a positive family role model for our community.

2017 165 BTC Cllrs Downey, Innis, Mayor Thompson, MC Bruce Marshall_700

Town of Caledon Councillors Johanna Downey, Jennifer Innis and Mayor Allan Thompson cycled the Family Ride and challenged Brampton to meet Caledon’s participation of 3 from Council!

2017 166 BTC Councillor Palleschi_700

Brampton Regional Councillor Michael Palleschi responded to the friendly challenge from Caledon! Brampton had one rider – Councillor Doug Whillans.

2017 167 BTC Caledon-Brampton-TRCA bantering_700

Caledon and TRCA liked Councillor Palleschi’s retort to the challenge! Work is cut out for the 2 communities….

2017 169 BTC Minister McGarry w MTO RSC Do the Bright Thing flag_700

Minister McGarry encouraged our MTO Road Safety Challenge of “Do the Bright Thing — be seen, be heard, be predictable”! Region of Peel’s Title Sponsor support was used to provide our free lunch from the Gourmet Group — BBQ Gourmet.

2017 176 BTC Brampton Rec booth & bike valet_700

City of Brampton Recreation staffed our first-ever bike valet parking, keeping cyclists bicycles safe and contained while riders enjoyed their lunch and time visiting booths and listening to our speakers.

2017 182 BTC cyclists lunch_700

Happy cyclist filled the bleachers and picnic tables to eat their catered lunch and listen to our speakers.

2017 179 BTC BEAC Grow Green & Peel Waste pavillion_700

2017 181 BTC BEAC Grow Green & Peel Waste pavillion_700

Brampton Environment Advisory Committee promoted Brampton Master Environmental Plan’s Grow Green Eco-Pledge, while Sierra Club members helped cyclists sort their waste at the Peel Waste Pavillion — creating our Zero-waste event!

Region of Peel Waste reported that Bike the Creek diverted 90% of the garbage. The breakdown: 10kg was garbage; 40kg was recycling; and 50kg was organics! This shows why using your organic green bin in Peel is so important, as it keeps a vast amount of material from landfill!

2017 172 BTC prize draw winner_700

Master of Ceremonies, Bruce Marshall, drew the prize draw winning tickets. Some very happy cyclists won great prizes.

2017 175 BTC Polly & Alina BB BCAC booth_700

A huge thanks to all the dozens of volunteers like Polly and Alina who made this event possible!

​This School Bus Lets Kids Bike to Class | Bicycling

As if cyclists needed another reason to be envious of France, the land famous for le Tour recently debuted a pedal-powered transportation system for children. Since the beginning of the year, about 30 students at Anatole France, a public elementary school in the town of Louviers, have been taking the S’Cool Bus—essentially a large tandem bike with electric assist—under the supervision of a “bus” driver.

Source: This School Bus Lets Kids Bike to Class | Bicycling

Happy 200th birthday, bikes! Made in Germany, conquering the world and saving the Earth | DW Environment | DW | 12.06.2017

Region of Peel Bike Safety Day

Bring your bike to the Region of Peel Brampton Office
for a free bike inspection by a professional mechanic!

Time: Tuesday, June 13 at 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Bring your bike for a free inspection by a professional mechanic. Subject to demand, services include:

  • Bike maintenance Q & A
  • Tire pressure adjustment
  • Brake/gear adjustment
  • Basic flat tire repair clinic

 Win great prizes and learn about cycling routes and road safety

  • Learn how to use a Brampton Transit bus bike rack
  • Learn about the Peel Police online bike registry

We look forward to seeing you there!

Please email Kelly Cook at or call (905)-791-7800 ext. 4419 with any questions.

New American study confirms: Physically separated bike lanes are crucial for safety : TreeHugger

The Invisible Bike Riders — Strong Towns

“The Invisible Riders…log far more hours than most “serious” cyclists. They do so on equipment most of us wouldn’t touch and under the most adverse conditions: at the height of rush hour on the busiest thoroughfares. […]

Most of the riders I met viewed their commute as a battle, but exhibited none of the smug, anti-automotive posturing many committed middle-class bike commuters wear as a badge of honor.”

Source: The Invisible Bike Riders — Strong Towns

It’s Hard to Overstate the Health Benefits of Biking to Work – Streetsblog USA