The November Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee meeting will be an important one. The entire meeting will be dedicated to discussing the Active Transportation Master Plan.

In preparation for that meeting, we’re asking you — Brampton residents and stakeholders in Active Transportation — to give your opinion, specifically about:

  • Scope, direction, and goals of the Active Transportation Master Plan
  • Consideration of “signature projects”
  • Any potential barriers to achieving a connected network
    (infrastructure, public support, political will, etc.)

This is a fundamental step in developing the Active Transportation Master Plan. It’s important to consider early what benefits active transportation will have on businesses, residents, and our quality of life. As well as potential challenges to realizing those benefits.

We look forward to receiving your remarks on how to make active transportation, for people of all ages and abilities, part of everyday life in Brampton.

Some Facts

  • Brampton is the 9th largest municipality in Canada. Of the top 10 municipalities by census, only Brampton does not yet have an Active Transportation strategy
  • Increased automobile traffic affects Brampton’s attractiveness for business. Some roads and intersections are approaching automobile capacity
  • The annual delay bost of Brampton’s congestion is $342 Million
  • Brampton projects a significant increase in population age 18-24 between 2011 and 2021. A typically post-secondary demographic that increasingly is not interested in driving, and drawn to cities that suit this lifestyle
  • Brampton automobile insurance rates are the highest in Ontario. On average it costs $6,000-$8,000 per year to own and run a motor vehicle.
  • In the Region of Peel, 28% of Grade 7 to 12 students were either overweight or obese in 2004
  • Most commutes made by car are in Peel Region, are less than 7km, and could be cycled in less than 30 minutes at a leisurely pace
  • Active transportation brings health, environmental, and economic benefits to communities that embrace it

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