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Second Spring with COVID-19

One year later, we’re into the Second Spring with COVID-19.

Congratulations Brampton! We’ve passed the first anniversary of living with a pandemic. The oppression and monotony of last year’s lockdowns made palatable only because we were able to get outside. For exercise, for recreation or merely to get from one place to another, people started walking or biking in this City like never before.

The City responded quickly to the demand. More space was made available for pedestrians and cyclists. The existing park paths were kept open and new trails were built. The City also initiated a “Streets for People” campaign, installing new bike lanes along underutilized roads. These lanes provide comfort and convenience for cyclists. They also add much needed safety for all vulnerable road users, slowing traffic, reducing the number and severity of crashes resulting in fewer people hurt or killed. Who knew that Brampton could become a kinder and gentler place because of a pandemic?

interim bike lanes

As we approach our second COVID-19 spring, a bit of optimism is in the air mixing with the promise of warmer weather and vaccines in many arms. With the danger lessening, and the prospect of returning to some semblance of pre-pandemic times, let’s keep the increased popularity of walking and biking as part of the new normal. Brampton will be a better place for all of us if we do.

David Laing – Chair, BikeBrampton

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