BikeBrampton members laid out the 3, 9 and 18km routes on Chinguacousy Trail, Don Doan Trail and the local roads. BikeBrampton and BCAC members ran a bike rodeo for the kids. Peel Police NPU bike patrol officers joined the rides, and volunteers led each route.

2016 03 Bramalea CycleFest Route planning_700

Route planning began by BikeBrampton and BCAC members in April! Here they are riding Grenoble Street urban curb on the brisk spring day.

2016 02 BCF sign installation COB & BB_700

None of this would not be possible without the amazing support from City of Brampton Recreation. They are always there for us.

2016 04 BCF sign installation Ching Park_700

Route through Chinguacousy Park was a special treat for big and little kids. You can see why…

2016 09a baby Alpacas Ching Park_700

The baby Alpacas were out to play.

2016 11 Bramalea CycleFest _700

Perfect weather this year, as the cyclists registered.

2016 12 BCF volunteer briefing_700

Volunteers briefed on their jobs and given maps.

2016 15 BCF riders_700

Some kids picked up their new donated bikes, while others came with bikes, families, teams.

2016 20 BCF Councillors Bowman & Fortini_700

Councillors Jeff Bowman and Pat Fortini came out to wish the cyclists well.

2016 17 BCF rider briefing_700

Riders briefed on routes, safety and road and trail etiquette. We were delighted to have Peel Police support for the event.

2016 23 BCF 3km riders_700

Riders all set for the 3km route around Chinguacousy Park.

2016 24 BCF riders_700
2016 26 BCF rider_700
2016 52 BCF rodeo_700

Some kids stayed on site for the Bike Rodeo, run by BCAC and BikeBrampton`s newly trained CanBike Instructor volunteers.

2016 47 BCF riders on Ching Trail_700

The longer route took cyclists up to the north end of Chinguacousy Trail.

2016 32 BCF BB & ROP Bike Month_700

Volunteers and Region of Peel Walk+Roll Active Transportation

2016 34 BCF Pat Fortini & volunteers_700

Councillor Pat Fortini with volunteers

2016 35 BCF Mayor Jeffrey & Pastor Finu_700

Mayor Linda Jeffrey greeted by Pastor Finu Iype. MPP Jagmeet Singh arrives on his folding bike.

2016 36 BCF Mayor Jeffrey MPPs Jagmeet Singh Gila Martow_700

Mayor Linda Jeffrey, MPP Jagmeet Singh and MPP Gila Martow

2016 37 BCF volunteers & MP Raj Grewal_700

Volunteers and MP Raj Grewal

2016 38 BCF Jagmeet Singh PC MP Pat Fortini Mayor Jeffrey_700

Mayor Jeffrey gave an inspirational message on the value of cycling in Brampton.

2016 41 BCF MPP Gila Martow MPP Jagmeet Singh MP Raj Grewal BikeMonth Ts_700

Politicians display their new Brampton Bike Month t-shirts

2016 39 BCF volunteers_700

Volunteers after the bike rodeo. Peel Walk+Roll booth doing a booming business in cycling education.

2016 42 BCF volunteers_700


2016 43 BCF Pastor Finu & David speaking about cycling_700

BikeBrampton Chair David Laing speaks on Brampton becoming a Bicycle Friendly Community

2016 44 BCF David & Pastor Finu_700

David Laing and Pastor Finu

2016 45 BCF volunteers_700

yes, more volunteers…