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Alina and Lorie, two of BCAC/BikeBrampton’s CanBike Instructors laid out a bicycle rodeo route in one of Century Gardens Arenas.

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The course focused on improving cycling skills such as, riding in a predictable straight line, appropriate use of hand signals, controlled stopping, avoiding obstacles and making safe turns.  Both cyclists and those using scooters ran the course!

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Attendees of the event were also told about Ontario’s “Making Ontario Roads Safer Act”, including the new 1-metre passing law requiring motorists to pass cyclists with at least one metre of space. BikeBrampton created a pop-up banner to illustrate the 1-metre passing law. The banner was funded by a Road Safety Challenge grant provided by the Ministry of Transportation.

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Following the Parachute event, the banner was taken outside where the end of May Critical Mass Riders were cycling past the recreation centre.

2016 05 Critical Mass 01 Century Gdns_700

Critical Mass is an informal recreational ride which takes place the last Friday of every month, (rain or shine) as an example of how biking in numbers increases road cycling safety and how cyclists and motorists can coexist peacefully on Brampton streets.

2016 05 Critical Mass 06 Group

What a great way to end a day focused on cycling safety!!