Bonus Community Rides announced

Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee has announced 2 bonus autumn Community Rides due to popularity of our summer series.

Community Ride 11 – Sept 25th 9:45am Garden Square to Baskin Robbins, Heart Lake Town Centre return 15.5km

Community Ride 12 – Oct 2nd 9:45am Jim Archdekin Rec Centre to Butter & Cup, Caledon return 14.7km

We are very excited about both bonus rides because…

The Oct 2nd one is especially important because we will be riding the newly upgraded Etobicoke Creek Trail from Mayfield Road north into Caledon. For those of you who rode the Nature Route in Bike the Creek, you will remember the old rutted farmer’s track once you headed north from the stormwater pond at Mayfield Road. Not a happy experience if you had slick road bike tires… (see how it looked below).

We are thrilled to celebrate the completion, project managed jointly by City of Brampton, Town of Caledon and Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA). The project cost has been handled by grants from Ontario Municipal Cycling Infrastructure Program, City of Brampton and Town of Caledon. The new 1500 metre trail connection includes 800 metres of new trail in Caledon and 700 metres of new trail within the City of Brampton (the City of Brampton border extends beyond Mayfield Road at this site).

Again, we thank City of Brampton, for providing a FREE refreshment to the cyclists.


Come out to see the contrast of the upgraded trail from how it was before…


Etobicoke Creek Trail before OMCIP grant project started, photo taken on Jun 18, 2016 at Bike the Creek, featuring Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry Kathryn McGarry and TRCA Director Chandra Sharma.