2015 01 covered Bike storage ZUM Main & Wellington_300

City of Brampton’s Bike and Ride initiative is designed to encourage transit riders to combine cycling and public transit. Covered bike racks, like this one at Main & Wellington are available on the entire transit bus fleet.

2014 05 covered Bike storage at Brampton GO_300

The covered area for bike storage is more extensive at Brampton GO station.

2015 06 Peel Region Bike Barn_300

If you work for Region of Peel at 7120 Hurontario Street, you have very attractive secure covered bike storage. There are exterior racks right by the door, for those just visiting.

2015 09 Peel Region covered bike parking slot_300

These bike racks at Region of Peel, 10 Peel Centre Drive, have well-designed slots for the front wheel.

2015 02 Bike racks behind CyclePath reno facade_300

The freshly renovated rear façade of Brampton Cyclepath facing Garden Square, has bike parking with a fresh coat of Brampton’s historic black paint.

2015 52 Celebrampton valet bike parking_300

Busy days in Garden Square fill up these bike racks quickly.

2015 51 Celebrampton valet bike parking_300

In fact, Brampton offered secured bike valet parking in this fenced off area during CeleBrampton Bikefest last year.

2016 02 Gage Park bike rack Gazebo_300

This elegant bike rack features prominently in Gage Park, which encourages pedestrians and cyclists to visit this heritage site.

2016 04 Gage Park bike rack Alderlea_300

At the opposite end of Gage Park, beneath Historic Alderlea, you will find the other half of the elegant bike rack pair.

2015 05 Coffee Culture bike ring_300

Post & Ring, like this bike rack outside Coffee Culture on Queen Street is an ideal way to use former parking meters.

2014 07 Tricycle on bike rack Chris Gibson Rec centre_300

Chris Gibson Recreation Centre sports this bike rack and the tethered vibrant tricycle.

2014 11 10 David City Hall bike racks_300

Did you know that there is bike parking in the underground garage at City Hall? Unlike for cars, bike parking is free!

2015 05 Rose Theatre no bicycle sign_300

Don’t be fooled by this “no bicycles” sign at the entrance to Rose Theatre underground parking.

2016 01 bike rack Rose Theatre_300

There is actually a bike rack at the entrance to the Rose Theatre elevator.

2015 11 lack of bike parking_300

When building owners ignore the needs of cyclists, we will lock our bicycles to whatever we can find…

2013 TD Canada Trust new bike post_300

Merchants, like the TD Canada Trust Bank at 150 Sandalwood Parkway, encourage cyclists with their custom-designed bike racks.

2016 05 Canadian Tire Trinity Common bike rack_300

Canadian Tire in Trinity Common welcomes cyclists for small purchases. Hitch up a bike trailer, and shop for the larger items as well!

Stay tuned for a follow-up post on amazing custom bike racks seen in communities around North America! Let this be encouragement for Brampton Bike Racks!