Kevin Montgomery tells Toronto Star how his family manages carless in 905

Transportation reporter Tess Kalinowski interviewed Kevin Montgomery and his family about daring to exercise their options and trade their 2 cars for more time together in a Toronto Star article on Feb 20, 2015.

Toronto Star photo by Rick Madonik

Using bicycling and public transit, this professional couple and their three children have more time with their family, a better quality of life, better fitness, and are paying down their mortgage more quickly.

A BikeBrampton member, Kevin commutes daily to downtown Toronto, despite weather and snow, by using GO transit and his folding bicycle.

Kevin on GO train

Toronto Star photo by Rick  Madonik

“If I want to get to the Bramalea City Centre it’s not going to happen on the pathways. There are no east-west pathways in the city. They point to these miles and miles of recreational trails but as a transportation option it’s not very useful.”

Kevin Montgomery as quoted to the Toronto Star

City of Brampton spokeswoman Megan Ball told the Star reporter that staff is considering “a review of the decade-old [2002] Pathways Master Plan and this year it hopes to hire an active transportation co-ordinator”.

“It would make sense for this neighbourhood to have a bike lane that would go down to the grocery store, but they don’t have any. They start nowhere, they go nowhere. and then they say no one uses it”

Emily Montgomery as quoted to the Toronto Star

The Montgomerys use a cargo bike for groceries, taxis for emergencies and use a car-sharing program when the family wants to go somewhere unavailable by transit. Their children are becoming transit-savvy in a world where knowledgeable independence is critical. The family was able to replace their home roof last year, and this decision to go carless in 905 makes perfect economic sense for them.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA   Kevin with his cargo & folding bikes