The Heart & Stroke Foundation and Brampton Kids on Bikes invited Region of Peel school planning stakeholders to a follow up to our December 4th webinar & workshop on Active and Sustainable School Travel (ASST).

Here are the results of our workshop:

2015 04 20 Moving Peel Kids Safely School Travel Planning Workshop Results

The Agenda:

  • Heart & Stroke Health Promotion Specialist Bill McBain kicked off our workshop with an introduction.
  • David Laing presented an update of Brampton Kids on Bikes and reviewed our Dec 4th workshop results
  • We were honoured to have George Mammen, a University of Toronto Doctoral candidate share a summary of his 4-years research from around North America.
  • We had an opportunity to learn how York Region has successfully handled school planning in a cooperative manner. Teija Cumming and Sonja Sonita shared their experience.
  • A group workshop followed, where we discussed, debated and planned a direction for the best use of our resources in Peel.
  • A complementary lunch was provided as we continued with our networking!

“You changed my life after your February Brampton Kids on Bikes presentation. My kids walk to school now. I was the parent who would have driven my children to university. I want to start a walking school bus program at my kids’ school.”

– Michelle Shaw, Brampton parent

Workshop poster:

2015 04 20 Brampton Kids on Bikes Moving Peel Kids Safely Workshop

David Laing’s “Brampton Kids on Bikes” Presentation:

2015 Brampton Kids on Bikes to Moving Kids Safely Workshop_1

If you missed our 1st webinar / workshop on Dec 4th, you can get caught up with this link:

Solving Peel Physical Inactivity Health Crisis through Active Transportation

Toronto Bike Show 2015

BikeBrampton’s Brampton Kids on Bikes display at Toronto Bike Show

Results of the Moving Peel Kids Safely School Travel Planning Workshop:

2015 04 20 Moving Peel Kids Safely School Travel Planning Workshop Results