Moving Peel Kids Safely School Travel

The Heart & Stroke Foundation and Brampton Kids on Bikes invited Region of Peel school planning stakeholders to a follow up to our December 4th webinar & workshop on Active and Sustainable School Travel (ASST).

Here are the results of our workshop:

2015 04 20 Moving Peel Kids Safely School Travel Planning Workshop Results

Brampton Kids on Bikes logo_300   Brampton Kids on Bikes

The Agenda:

  • Heart & Stroke Health Promotion Specialist Bill McBain kicked off our workshop with an introduction.
  • David Laing presented an update of Brampton Kids on Bikes and reviewed our Dec 4th workshop results
  • We were honoured to have George Mammen, a University of Toronto Doctoral candidate share a summary of his 4-years research from around North America.
  • We had an opportunity to learn how York Region has successfully handled school planning in a cooperative manner. Teija Cumming and Sonja Sonita shared their experience.
  • A group workshop followed, where we discussed, debated and planned a direction for the best use of our resources in Peel.
  • A complementary lunch was provided as we continued with our networking!

“You changed my life after your February Brampton Kids on Bikes presentation. My kids walk to school now. I was the parent who would have driven my children to university. I want to start a walking school bus program at my kids’ school.”

– Michelle Shaw, Brampton parent

Here is a link to the workshop poster:

2015 04 20 Brampton Kids on Bikes Moving Peel Kids Safely Workshop

Here is a link to a pdf of David Laing’s “Brampton Kids on Bikes” Presentation:

2015 Brampton Kids on Bikes to Moving Kids Safely Workshop_1

If you missed our 1st webinar / workshop on Dec 4th, you can get caught up with this link:

Solving Peel Physical Inactivity Health Crisis through Active Transportation

2015 02 BikeBrampton TO Bike Show_300

BikeBrampton’s Brampton Kids on Bikes display at Toronto Bike Show

Results of the Moving Peel Kids Safely School Travel Planning Workshop:

2015 04 20 Moving Peel Kids Safely School Travel Planning Workshop Results