Downtown Brampton Doable Neighbourhood Project

The pilot project has placed more than 50 signs

in our downtown to direct us to great places that makes our city so liveable!

sign preparation

BBAC members viewing signs in BDDC office

David Laing wayfinding sign

Who knew the Etobicoke Creek Trail was so close? Time to check it out. Follow the sign…

Dayle Laing wayfinding sign

Everything is walkable or bikeable in downtown Brampton. We are fortunate to have a compact central core.

Lisa wayfinding

interesting shopping available in the downtown. Follow sign from the Etobicoke Creek Trail to the downtown.

downtown wayfinding

helpful to know how long it will take to get to the next site.

downtown wayfinding sign

Wayfinding signage works at night too! Explore Brampton downtown in the glow of the lights.