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Brampton Kids on Bikes Literature Review

The volume of literature, research and reports on the topic of student active transportation is quite frankly, staggering. There are already comprehensive suggestions about how to fix this problem.

2014 Brampton Kids on Bikes Literature Review Report_v2  presents a comprehensive view of this issue.

Kids on Etobicoke Creek Trail

Kids on Etobicoke Creek Trail, Brampton

Similar to many communities across Canada, the Region of Peel is facing a youth health crisis fueled significantly by inactivity. Increasing the participation of school-aged children in active transportation to and from school is the most efficient and cost-effective method of combating this crisis. Yet despite efforts by numerous agencies over the past 10 years, the rate of participation in active transportation continues to decline.

The Brampton Kids on Bikes Project aims to discover why, and then develop advocacy messages aimed at key decision-makers who can drive the changes required to begin to reverse these trends. The project is supported by an Spark advocacy grant from the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

This document provides a review of the current literature. It documents the scope and magnitude of the health crisis and looks at the research which indicates inactivity as a primary cause. It then looks at the research documenting the benefits of active transportation as a potential solution to this health problem and the best practices for implementing change within the school system.

  • The current board of education focus on mathematics could be enhanced by students arriving at school alert and energized due to active transportation.
  • While a good majority of pre-school children are performing well, the levels of physical activity for most children 5 and older are abysmal.
  • Changing the current situation for active transportation for children travelling to school will likely take a shift in the current cultural norm, which may occur quickly because parents are conflicted!
  • Specific targets should be agreed upon by stakeholders, measured & incentives applied.
Kid at Bike the Creek

We owe it to our kids to provide a safe healthy environment for them to flourish!