Dedicated Bike Lanes & Drop Curbs

Cyclists call for dedicated bike lanes and more drop curbs

reported by Pam Douglas in The Brampton Guardian on July 5, 2014. “Changes are needed to make Brampton bike-friendly.”

cycle lanes brampton guardian  dedicated bike lane, courtesy of The Brampton Guardian

“Curb cuts. They seem like such a small thing. But if you’ve ever ridden a bike along one of Brampton’s pathways and suffered the jarring ‘cachunk cachunk’ of going down – and then up- a curb to cross a street, you know it’s a really big deal.”

Pam Douglas, The Brampton Guardian

Pauline Thornham from the Brampton Bicycle Advisory Committee requested help from Brampton residents, the City and from politicians to help make Brampton a bicycle-friendly community, as reported by Pam Douglas.

Douglas referenced the presentation by Gil Penalosa at the Rose Theatre in April, and the five “E’s” — Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement and Evaluation that are needed to have Brampton attain Bicycle Friendly Community status by the Share the Road Cycling Coalition.

Read Pam Douglas’ article which was published on the front page of the July 11th edition of The Brampton Guardian.

Lisa Stokes at uncut curb   BBAC member Lisa Stokes demonstrates the difficulty of mounting a curb to access the trail from the road, where she has to put her child at potential risk in the traffic.