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Active Lifestyles & Reengineered Cities for Brampton’s Future

Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Mowat is quoted by Peter Criscione in the Brampton Guardian’s article “Our Future depends on Active Lifestyles and Reengineered Cities, says Public Health Official”.

Dr David Mowat Medical Officer of Health
Dr. David Mowat, Region of Peel Medical Officer of Health, Brampton Guardian file photo

Dr. Mowat is pushing for active transportation to support improved walking and cycling municipal infrastructure to reengineer physical activity back into our everyday lives. He says that our sprawling suburban design has discouraged riding and walking at the expense of our health.

“Diabetes in Peel is already high and, with current obesity trends, it’s projected that one in six Peel residents will be diagnosed with diabetes by 2025.”

The only way that Peel can cope with a growth in population to 2 million by 2041, is to plan better use of land and less use of cars.

Cycling infrastructure is critical for managing growth and improving health of our citizens.