Active Transportation Master Plan

The City’s first ever Active Transportation Master Plan, endorsed by Brampton City Council on September 25, 2019, provides the network plan, policies and programs to support Brampton’s 2040 Vision for a mosaic of safe, integrated transportation choices and new modes, contributions to civic sustainability, and emphasizing walking, cycling, and transit.

Active Transportation (walking, cycling and other self-propelled mobility options) presents one of the greatest untapped opportunities for reducing single occupant vehicle trips, and for addressing a host of community design and public health issues. Incorporating global best practices in active transportation and promoting the concept of ‘complete streets’ and ‘sustainable’ community design is a guiding principle for the City’s planning and engineering efforts.

The Active Transportation Master Plan focuses on the implementation strategy for building a connected cycling and pedestrian network across the City (and connecting to neighbouring municipalities) to enable safer, more convenient travel by non-motorized modes, and to encourage cycling as a viable means of transportation for both recreational and utilitarian purposes for the general public.

ATMP Master Plan

Works and Transportation

The Brampton Works and Transportation Department is responsible for the engineering and designing of roads, and provide information on roads and traffic.

Brampton Transit: Cycling Safety

It’s important to remember the rules of the road and act safely at all times while riding your bicycle.

Bike & Ride/Bike Shelters

Bike & Ride is a green initiative designed to encourage riders to combine two modes of environmentally-friendly transportation: cycling and public transit. With a bike rack on every bus, it’s never been easier to move around the city!

Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee

The Cycling Advisory Committee will consist of no less than eight and no more than twelve citizen members and one Member of Council. When appointing citizen members, each quadrant of the City will be represented by at least two members residing in their respective quadrant.
The four City quadrants are defined as:
• Northeast of Highway 410 and Queen Street East;
• Southeast of Highway 410 and Queen Street East;
• Southwest of Highway 410 and Queen Street East; and,
• Northwest of Highway 410 and Queen Street East.
The Council representative on the committee will be a voting member but not be required for quorum.  Quorum will be achieved with a majority of members.

Brampton Cycling Club

Founded in 1972, the Brampton Cycling Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and enjoying road riding in the western Greater Toronto Area (GTA).