Brampton Kids on Bikes Project research, which was conducted by volunteers from BikeBrampton, and funded by a grant from Heart & Stroke Foundation, has led to the conclusion that Peel needs to move from TRANSACTIONAL CHANGE to TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE to get more children walking or cycling actively to school.

Brampton Kids on Bikes Project Report

Brampton Kids on Bike project

Here are a series of links to BikeBrampton’s 2014, 2015 work with our partners in Peel to deliver research on Peel School Walk & Bike. It is as relevant today as it was when we did the research!

Link to Brampton Kids on Bikes Project Final Report
Link to Brampton Kids on Bikes Literature Review Report
Link to Moving Peel Kids Safely Workshop, April 20, 2015
Link to Peel Physical Inactivity Health Crisis, December 4, 2014

Academic Performance
2 Brampton Kids on Bikes Poster Activity Levels_300

Peel School Safety Videos

These videos encourage active transportation for health and academic benefits. Parents and children are urged to travel safely to and from school. Videos are part of a package of educational materials produced by Peel School Safety Committee. Partners included: Peel District School Board, Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board, Peel Region Police, Region of Peel, City of Brampton, City of Mississauga, Brampton School Traffic Safety Council, Safe City Mississauga, IBC/BAC, CAA and BikeBrampton, to encourage active transportation for kids.

Peel School Walk & Bike Handout – Peel School Safety Committee

Peel School Walk & Bike Presentation – Peel School Safety Committee

Peel Walk & Bike to School “Did you Know” Posters

Did you Know

Did you Know Poster #1

did you know

Did you Know Poster #2

did you know

Did you Know Poster #3

did you know

Did you Know Poster #4

Bike Boosters Safety Tips

Make biking a fun activity that gives you freedom to go places! Bike Boosters cards were prepared by Smartcommute Metrolinx and BikeBrampton, with a grant from Ontario Ministry of Transportation. These safety tips are a handy reminder for kids and adults, and can be downloaded from links below!

Bike booster postcard

Bike Booster Lettersize_EN
Bike Booster Lettersize_FR
Bike Booster Postcard_EN
Bike Booster Postcard_FR

Bike booster postcard back