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Active Transportation to School

Active transportation means using people power to get where you’re going! You can use your feet, bike, scooter, or any other form of non-motorized vehicle to get you to your destination.

Did you know?! Active Transportation…

  1. Helps to promote well-being and positive mental health, including reducing day to day stress
  2. Increases physical fitness/activity, including helping to lower risks of chronic disease such as obesity and/or diabetes.
  3. Increases the ability to learn, improves concentration, and helps your children do better in school.
  4. Help to reduce traffic congestion in and around school zones which means safer streets for everyone.
  5. Helps to reduce your climate impact and the harmful effects of air pollution.
Bike to School Week rodeo

Make Active Transportation Your #1 Choice

  1. Make walking or rolling to school your first choice! If it were up to the kids, they would choose walking or rolling to school as their first choice. Why not make it your first choice too? Even if your school is far from home, students can walk to the bus stop! Consider different ways a pick-up or drop-off routine could include stepping out of your car and completing your journey to school by walking or rolling.
  2. Plan and practice! As a household you can begin to practice your route to school together. You can also encourage children to walk or roll on their own, with siblings, or friends, depending on their age and maturity.
Bike to School Week assembly