Region of Peel supplied bike stickers and prizes. BikeBrampton contributed with their Bike Intersection game, helmet prizes, and the One-Metre safety banner, thanks to a grant from Ministry of Transportation’s Road Safety Challenge. City of Brampton supplied Brampton Curling Club parking lot, the perfect place for cyclists and the repairs to spread out on the beautiful summer day.

2016 03 McMurchy Community Bike Clinic_700
2016 14 McMurchy Community Bike Clinic RSC game_700

Young cyclists learned about road safety skills like how to correctly wear a helmet. Correct answers were rewarded with draw tickets for bike helmets.

2016 11 McMurchy Community Bike Clinic RSC game_700

Many cyclists set their seat too low, which creates strain on knees! Learn to ride safely with greater ease!

2016 09 McMurchy Community Bike Clinic registration_700

Children received Peel Walk+Roll stickers, book marks, and bike chain bracelets. City of Brampton Trail Maps are always a huge hit!

2016 22 McMurchy Community Bike Clinic RSC helmet winners_700

Our BikeBrampton lucky helmet winners answered the questions and had their draw ticket selected. They pose in front of our One-Metre Law banner, created by BikeBrampton with MTO Road Safety Challenge grant money. Did you know that motorists have to leave at least one metre of space to safely pass a cyclist on the road? It’s the law!

2016 01 McMurchy Community Bike Clinic_700
2016 21 McMurchy Community Bike Clinic_700

All the volunteers pitch in to fix this tire.

2016 05 McMurchy Community Bike Clinic_700
2016 04 McMurchy Community Bike Clinic_700

We were thrilled to see the bike mechanic grads from the December 2014 program, here, and giving back to their community.

2016 02 McMurchy Community Bike Clinic_700