Cyclists took Ministry of Transportation Road Safety Challenge for a chance to win cycling safety prizes such as helmets, bike lights, reflectors and mirrors. Thanks to the City of Brampton for putting on this excellent event and providing booth space for our exhibit!

2016 09 Celebrampton Mayor Jeffrey BB BCAC booth_700

Mayor Linda Jeffrey dropped by to wish the cycling community well as we prepared for the crowds.

2016 02 Celebrampton new sign trailer_700

Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee’s new bike sign trailer, attached to Kevin’s tandem cargo bike created quite the visual impact on Main Street, drawing passersby to the booth and promoting the 10 Brampton Community Rides.

2016 18 Celebrampton route map_700

Brampton trail maps were a big hit with those wanting to explore the trail system.

2016 12 Celebrampton RSC game_700

Families of cyclists played BikeBrampton’s cycling skills Road Safety Challenge quiz.

2016 40 Celebrampton Councillor Fortini RSC 1M banner_700

Councillor Pat Fortini and BCAC Co-Chair Kevin Montgomery examine BikeBrampton’s One Metre Safe Passing Law banner, which was produced from grant funding by MTO Road Safety Challenge.

2016 28 Celebrampton cycle training_700

One of our volunteers brought a stationary bicycle trainer to demonstrate skills. A few lucky residents were invited to try it out with plenty of help and guidance.

2016 42 Celebrampton bike light winner_700

Participants in the Road Safety Challenge quiz were given tickets to frequent draws for safety prizes, like this LED front and rear bike light set.

2016 38 Celebrampton bike light winner_700

This boy won a bike light set, while his mother holds the Bike Month postcard of upcoming cycling activities for ‘June is Bike Month’.

2016 37 Celebrampton bike light winner_700

This family played the quiz, learned more cycling skills. The daughter won a helmet in the draw, while her mother won a bike light set.

2016 34 Celebrampton bike light winners_700

These boys won bike lights and bells, after they took the quiz, examined the 1-metre banner and had their tickets drawn.

2016 24 Celebrampton RSC bike light winner_700

This young girl will be adding safety LED lights to her bicycle!

2016 48 Celebrampton RSC bike reflectors winner_700

This young boy will be adding front and rear reflector to his bike!

2016 17 Celebrampton RSC helmet winner_700

Now this boy can proudly wear his new helmet. Wearing a helmet is the law for those under 18 in Ontario.

2016 14 Celebrampton RSC 1M banner_700

Did you know that motorists have to give at least one metre of space to safely pass a cyclist on the road?

2016 10 Celebrampton RSC game_700

Did you know that legally you must have a bell or horn on your bike? You can safely warn pedestrians as you approach them from behind.

BikeFest at CeleBrampton had a row of cycling exhibits. We shared information and promoted each other’s events. Peel Walk+Roll challenged visitors with cycling skill questions in return for bike bells and bracelets. Brampton Transit provided a bus with the demonstration bike rack, so people could try out loading and unloading their bikes. Community Bike Centre staffed bike valet parking behind the Brampton Cyclepath, providing prizes to all who parked there.

2016 08 Celebrampton cycle training_700

It’s harder than it looks…

2016 49 Celebrampton BikeFest_700

Whoo-hooo, it’s the start of Bike Month in Brampton!