Vivian Lane cycling murals

Brampton Cycling Murals

Visit downtown Brampton cycling murals on Vivian Lane to experience artist Norbert Augustine’s fabulous murals of bicycles set against historic Brampton landmarks.

Brampton Critical Mass riders cycled up Main Street, to view the CyclePath Brampton’s north wall, fronting on the pedestrian Vivian Lane.

Augustine depicted bicycles against 5 of the City’s most notable landmarks: St. Andrew’s Church, Bovaird House, Alderlea House, Gage Park Gazebo, and City Hall.

cyclists, Gage Park

17 cyclists(including our mascot Oakley) gathered in Gage Park to start our Critical Mass bike ride.

Folks collected at 6:15pm last night, as they do regularly on the last Friday of every month.

Lisa, Joe, George, Gage park

Leaving Gage Park, the group crossed Wellington Street and headed north on George Street past City Hall.

cycling George St

Oakley, our mascot joined us for the first time in his WIKE trailer.

Oakley in dog trailer
cycling Vodden, 2015

Group cycled along Vodden, approaching Kennedy Rd.

These gorgeous Brampton cycling murals are well worth a visit to downtown Brampton!