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Bramalea CycleFest 2015 Success

Bramalea CycleFest 2015 was a success story in its first year.

Cyclefest Day Jun 27th and we are back at All Peoples Church bright and early for set up and kids bike distribution.

Bramalea CycleFest 2015 25

Pastor Finu is handing out the volunteer T-shirts. Everyone has a job to do, tables set, banners hung, tents up, post-event bike valet parking roped off.

Bramalea CycleFest 2015 28

Lindy from City of Brampton Parks and Rec and I spent several hours yesterday installing the course signs but there are plenty of other tasks that still need to be done.

Bramalea CycleFest 2015 46

The sky is grey and heavy rain is forecasted by noon, yet the mood is upbeat and everyone performs their jobs efficiently.

Bramalea CycleFest 2015 31

Head of volunteers Theresa and I brief the course volunteers and send them on their way to their posts, with encouragements to tweet and use social media!

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Bramalea CycleFest 2015 34

Peel Police MPU Officers on bike patrol sign pick up their maps for the event. A permit has been obtained to close off the north end of Finchgate Blvd.

Bramalea CycleFest 2015 44
Bramalea CycleFest 2015 38

Cyclists sign in at the registration tent and get their maps, make donations and visit with friends and neighbours.

Bramalea CycleFest 2015 49

When the time comes we brief the riders so, hopefully, everyone knows where they are going. The pre-event nervous tension builds…

Bramalea CycleFest 2015 57
Bramalea CycleFest 2015 50
And then they are off!
Bramalea CycleFest 2015 60

The event was a huge success with everyone seeming to have a good time, even with the challenges of a few signs gone missing and, of course, the weather. Most of the riders were finished before the heavens opened and the rain poured down. The BBQ moved into the Church where riders shared stories!

Bramalea CycleFest 2015 63

Many of the children were new to cycling and many participants had never travelled before on Brampton’s beautiful Chinguacousy Trail, making this a unique event in Brampton and a very different experience than the week before at Bike the Creek!

Bramalea CycleFest 2015 Success Stats:

  • How many attended? 128 Riders at the event. Approximately 300 in attendance for ride and celebration.
  • How many bikes given away? 67 bikes + Helmets given away to children in the area
  • How much money raised for charity? Sick Kids Foundation Online money raised: $2,760 and Offline money raised: to be determined at least ($1000+)

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Bramalea CycleFest 2015 71

So, will we do it again, next year? – spoiler alert – yes!