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CeleBrampton 2015 BikeFest

BikeBrampton displayed at CeleBrampton BikeFest on June 13, 2015

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BikeBrampton set up our display booth showcasing an MTO Road Safety Challenge game, where participants answered questions related to the new Bill 31 Keeping Ontario’s Road Safe.

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Cyclists knew some of the answers and were surprised to learn new facts to keep them safe.

CeleBrampton 2015 21

There was great excitement when the players correctly answered the questions!

CeleBrampton 2015 20

Winners received prizes of bicycle safety equipment.

CeleBrampton 2015 12

The whole family joined in to play the game and learn new facts.

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CeleBrampton 2015 4

Some successful prize winners wanted to pose with our mascot Oakley.

CeleBrampton 2015 26

Avid cyclists requested Brampton Trail maps and asked about Bike the Creek, our June 20th event.

CeleBrampton 2015 28

City of Brampton closed off Main Street for a BikeFest area of booths and BMX stunts within CeleBrampton 2015.

CeleBrampton 2015 51

Cyclist were invited to valet park their bikes in a secure area behind CyclePath Brampton, where they also received a prize from the City.

CeleBrampton 2015 51

Crowds were entertained with clowns on stilts who moved elegantly up and down Main Street.

CeleBrampton 2015 47

Garden Square was packed with Bramptonians lined up for a complimentary lunch.

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This is the 3rd annual CeleBrampton 2015 BikeFest that Bike Brampton has participated in, thanks to the City of Brampton. There is no question that the level of interest and engagement from people visiting the booth has jumped every year! Thanks Brampton Recreation!

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