The first group of Brampton youth completed a bike mechanic course conducted by volunteer professional bike mechanics from BikeBrampton.

“I learned how everything works together.”

Funded by the Region of Peel Human Services Community Partnerships, the mechanics carefully selected 5 sets of top quality tools that will be used as this pilot venture unrolls into a permanent and ongoing opportunity for graduates to mentor other youth.

Brampton Bike Clinic 34

“I didn’t know there were so many tools.”

The Boys and Girls Club of Peel identified our original students, who showed dedicated participation in all 6 of the intensive sessions. Held at McHardy Court in Brampton’s west central end, students used drop sheets and cleaned the space immaculately at the end of each evening.

Brampton Bike Clinic 39

“This is an opportunity to learn a trade, get a job in retail or as a mechanic in a bike shop.”

Brampton Bike Clinic 41
Brampton Bike Clinic 38

“I learned there is a chain cleaner and how to use it.”

Brampton Bike Clinic 07

“Use a little…too much and you have to start over.”

Brampton Bike Clinic donation

BikeBrampton members and others in the community generously donated bicycles for the participants to work with. All the bikes found good new homes at the end of the course. One bike even found a fresh life after one of our members retrieved it from a watery grave in the creek! Broken parts were replaced and damaged ones repaired.

“I now know how to fix my own bike.”

BikeBrampton members showed up to provide encouragement and support this fabulous new venture in Brampton.

Brampton Bike Clinic 12

At the end of the 4th session, one participant announced that they were “a 2.5 or 3 out of 5”. By graduation at the end of the 6th session, the same participant declared they were now “5 out of 5”.

“I could start my own business.”

Brampton Bike Clinic 17

One participant proudly showed off their own bike at the end of the 6th session, rating it an “A++”. They remarked that the chain was completely seized and red with rust when they started the program.

Brampton Bike Clinic 20

The Region thanked our skilled mechanic instructors.

Brampton Bike Clinic 06

We are so very proud of these delightful graduates!

Brampton Bike Clinic 10
Brampton Bike Clinic 11

Grads show off their shiny bikes!

“I am available to volunteer in bike month. I am eager to use what I have learned.”

All of our partners are very excited about the success of this project and we look forward to planning our next step to make this an ongoing and permanent clinic. We thank everyone involved and will be looking for more bike donations to carry onward!!!

Brampton Bike Clinic 01

Contact if you have a dusty bike you can’t use, or if you have parts, a clinic space, or think you can help in some way!