Biking in Brampton builds our Community Video

Dayle Laing from BikeBrampton’s Brampton Bicycle Advisory Committee was invited to present a Pecha Kacha seminar at the Tactical Urbanism CanU 6 Summit in Toronto on September 18, 2014 (Council for Canadian Urbanism).

Urban planners from across Canada gathered to learn and share their latest experiences, research and ideas on the latest in urban planning.

Brampton has an enormous challenge in accommodating growth to nearly 900,000 people by 2031. It is already the 9th largest city in Canada with a population of nearly 600,000.

Cycling and active transportation is an important component of the strategy needed to successfully achieve this growth while making Brampton a liveable, workable city.

Dayle shared BikeBrampton’s successes and gave planners advice on how we are attempting to build our community through the joys of cycling.