Franceschini Bridge over Highway 410

BBAC asked for comment about Franceschini bridge

According to Pam Douglas of The Brampton Guardian, “the old Franceschini bridge, just north of Williams Parkway, was originally used by gravel trucks hauling loads out of the Franceschini pit on the west side of the highway. With the pit long closed and the Lakelands North subdivision built in its stead, the bridge was stopped up and left unused for years.”

francescini_bridge_over_410 bryon johnson Guardian by Bryon Johnson, The Brampton Guardian

When David Laing, BBAC Chair was asked for a comment, he told Ms. Douglas:

“The 410 currently presents a significant barrier for the majority of cyclists in the city because existing crossings are busy arterial routes that require the cyclist to either share the lane in heavy traffic with buses and trucks, or dismount and walk long distances across bridges that are often not designed for either cyclists or pedestrians”

The hurdles to the project are of course, cost, railings, lighting, engineering design, structural analysis, signage, and landscaping, according to city officials quoted in The Brampton Guardian article of July 24, 2014.

“The completion of the Esker Lake Trail across the highway would provide the only off-road connection, which would give cyclists in the north and west ends of the city a safe way to get to several destinations including the Region of Peel offices, the Bramalea bus terminal and Bramalea City Centre, he [David Laing] said.”

Franceschini bridge, photo by Herman Custodio
The official opening of Franceschini bridge – photo by Herman Custodio