Cycle Toronto

Cycle Toronto (formerly the Toronto Cyclists Union) is a diverse member-supported organization that advocates for a healthy, safe, cycling-friendly city for all.

Toronto Cycling Think & Do Tank

The Think & Do Tank is a research partnership located at the School of the Environment, University of Toronto, devoted to increasing cycling for transportation.

Biking Toronto

Biking Toronto is the best place for Toronto cycling information — it’s a positive outlook on all cycling-related events and news in Toronto.  It is Toronto’s largest and most popular site for finding cycling information as well as learning and discussing cycling news and events.

ARC (Advocacy for Respect for Cyclists)

ARC (Advocacy for Respect for Cyclists) is a group which formalizes the principle of cyclists standing up for each other. ARC provides support and legal advice to cyclists involved in accidents, to educate on cyclists’rights, and to hold direct actions aimed at changing society’s dependence on the automobile.

The Ride To Conquer Cancer

The Ride to Conquer Cancer® fighting breast, bladder, brain, prostate, colon, kidney, testicular, lymphoma, leukemia and childhood cancers.

Heart and Stroke Ride For Heart

Imagine you’re riding down the Gardiner Expressway and Don Valley Parkway in Toronto. There’s not a vehicle in sight, all you can see are 14,000 other Riders around you. You’re pedaling away, faster and faster as you think about how great it felt to beat your fundraising goal. How great it is to help Canadians live longer, fuller lives. As you finish your epic route, you feel completely alive!

MS Bike

The Healing Cycle Foundation raises funds in support of hospice palliative care by hosting an annual Healing Cycle Ride.