BikeBrampton created these Cycling Tips videos.

Watch these short videos to learn tips for making your trips safer and more fun on the roads and trails of Brampton and Caledon.

Safety Videos:

ABC Quick Check,
Be Courteous,
Be Seen,
Be Heard,
Be Predictable,
Be Aware,
Be Comfortable,

Do the Bright Thing

Brampton Trail Etiquette,

Brampton Trail User Safety

City of Brampton created these trail user safety tips for both cyclists and pedestrians.

COVID-19 Bike Lane Tips

BikeBrampton created this video for Brampton’s COVID-19 interim bike lanes. These tips on how to safely enter and exit bike lanes from intersections and adjacent pathways are good safety messages for general cycling in traffic. The video has also been produced with Punjabi subtitles, thanks to our partner, Punjabi Community Health Services.

Bonus tips on how to avoid the dreaded “Right Hook” at intersections, and avoid receiving the “Door Prize” when passing a parked car have been included for extra safety!