Bike Lane Safety Tips

BikeBrampton created this video for Brampton’s COVID-19 interim bike lanes. These tips on how to safely enter and exit bike lanes from intersections and adjacent pathways are good safety messages for general cycling in traffic well beyond the pandemic.

Here’s the COVID-19 Bike Lane Tips with Punjabi subtitles:

Avoid the dreaded “Right Hook” at Intersections:

COVID lane potential right hook at intersection

Cyclists must be constantly aware of their surroundings, especially at intersections.

A vehicle making a right turn may not see, or may misjudge the speed of the cyclist. This is the greatest possibility for the “right hook”. Assume the driver does not see you. Slow down, even if you have a green light and the right of way. Do a shoulder check to see if a vehicle is signalling to turn right or even if you THINK they might turn right.

If the traffic light is red, you can stop at the intersection stop line and take the lane. If you are still more confident, you can move to the left side of the curb lane at the stop line to allow vehicles indicating a right turn to make their turn on the red. Take the middle of the lane as the light changes to green to make sure no one passes you on the right.

Vodden COVID lane potential right hook at driveway

Treat every driveway as an intersection!

This is especially true at the driveway entrance/exit to retail stores and malls! As noted above, assume the vehicles will not see you and will misjudge your speed. Slow down and make eye contact with the driver.

You can choose to wave them through, especially if you are not sure they are stopping for you to proceed. Similarly, assume the drivers exiting the mall will not see you.

Avoid receiving the “Door Prize” when passing a parking vehicle:

dooring potential COVID lane

Pass a parked car, allowing 1 metre of space. The driver could give you the “DOOR PRIZE”, by opening their door just as you try to pass! Door prizes and right hooks are the dreaded two-some for lack of attention when cycling in traffic! It may be the driver’s fault, but the cyclist pays the price.

These COVID-19 interim bike lanes along Vodden and Howden have becoming permanent buffered bike lanes, thanks to City of Brampton leaders and Staff

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