Heart Lake Road has potential for AT

BikeBrampton’s interest in Heart Lake Road extends back to 2013, when some of our members participated in Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s Ecology Monitoring Project. We saw cars and trucks speeding along narrow 2-lane Heart Lake Road, while we counted the wildlife carnage of squashed turtles, frogs and other critters. This amazing rural road adjacent to Heart Lake Conservation Area represents hundreds of hours of well-spent time and energy by volunteers and staff of TRCA and City of Brampton.

Heart Lake Road Trumpeter Swans

Opportunity for Roundabout at Heart Lake Road & Countryside Drive Intersection – Environmental Assessment

On Oct 1, 2020, the City of Brampton has initiated a Schedule ‘B’ Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) for improvements to the intersection of Heart Lake Road and Countryside Drive.  The City identified the need for intersection improvements as part of an overall operational and safety improvement for the Heart Lake Road Corridor.

This Study will define the problem(s) with the intersection, identify and evaluate alternative solutions to the problem, evaluate alternative design concepts for the solution, recommend a preferred design concept. Additionally, potential impacts to the social, cultural and natural environments will be assessed and mitigation measures will be determined.

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2020 06 07 Heart Lake Countryside intersection EA notification Committee of Council – contains background of project, current need for traffic calming and preservation of Cultural Heritage Landscape.

Heart Lake Road Function and Design Review 2017-2019

BikeBrampton members sat on the Technical Advisory Committee for the function and design review. The consultant recommended that Heart Lake Road be designated by the province as a Cultural Heritage Landscape, which has since happened. Also recommended was the installation of 2 more eco-passage culverts, and wildlife directional fencing. These were completed in 2019.

A roundabout at Countryside Drive was one of the recommended longer term alternatives.

2019 02 08 Function and Design Review of Heart Lake Road Corridor_FinalReport

Function and Design Review HLR

Delegations to Brampton Council Committees:

Feb 2, 2014 TRCA delegation to Environmental Planning Advisory Committee (BEPAC) – Agenda, Minutes

2014 02 27 HLREMP_Ph2_BEC_PT Meeting presentation

Apr 13, 2015 staff report (see pp.61-76) and David Laing’s (see pp.77-101) delegation to Brampton Planning Infrastructure Services re Heart Lake Road Mitigation – AgendaMinutes Council Minutes

Sept 8, 2014 David Laing delegation to Brampton Planning, Development & Design Committee re Heart Lake Road Traffic Calming – AgendaMinutes Delegation was added to agenda at the meeting; link to presentation follows: 2014 09 08 Heart Lake Rd Stop Sign PD&D Delegation

Apr 13, 2014 David Laing delegation to Brampton Heritage Board re Heart Lake Road Cultural Heritage LandscapeAgenda, Minutes,

Report for Brampton Heritage Board re Heart Lake Road April 15 2014 v3

Cultural Heritage Landscape HLR

History of TRCA’s Heart Lake Road Ecology Monitoring Project (HREMP):

HREMP 2016 Final Report

HLREMP 2014 Final Report

HLREMP 2013 Final Report

HLREMP 2011 Final Report