Valleywood BikeWrx Cafe

Caledon BikeWrx Pop-up Cafe

BikeBrampton in partnership with Town of Caledon is pleased to host pop-up tent events for promoting trail etiquette. Where possible, we will do minor bike repairs. We will install Region of Peel bells while supplies last, once a skill testing question is answered. Bring your mask for repair service.

Schedule of BikeWrx Pop-up Cafés

Sun Jun 28, 10:00am-noon Valleywood Etobicoke Creek Trail, at foot of Newhouse Park

Sat Jul 11, 10:00am-noon, Caledon East, on Caledon Trailway, at the pavillion west of Airport Rd

Wed Jul 22, 6:00-8:00pm, Valleywood Etobicoke Creek Trail, at foot of Newhouse Park

Tues Sept 15, 4:00-6:00pm, Inglewood, on Caledon Trailway

Skill Testing Question Hint: When do you use your bell? Answer: well back of a pedestrian or slower cyclist, when you are passing. Give them plenty of notice so they are not frightened into falling or jumping in front of your bike! If they don’t appear to hear you, ring again and call out “passing on your left”. Slow down and pass carefully. Pedestrians have the right of way! Keep right except to pass. Sharing the trail is the neighbourly way. Here is Caledon’s Trail Etiquette sign:

Caledon Trails Etiquette

Inglewood BikeWrx Pop-up Cafe – Sep 15th

BikeBrampton held their final of four BikeWrx Cafes with the Town of Caledon, in Inglewood, beside the Caledon Trailway. Councillor Lynn Kiernan stopped by to show support, as did many local residents. An evening week night also attracted many cyclists out for a trail ride. Peter and Gerald did minor bike repairs and attached bells. Caledon Trail maps were a great hit as were lights, which must be used a half hour before sunset and a half hour after sunrise.

Inglewood BikeWrx cafe

Valleywood BikeWrx Pop-up Cafe – Jul 22nd

BikeBrampton teamed up with Town of Caledon to offer a weekday evening pop up event. Great opportunity to visit with local community and those cycling along the Etobicoke Creek Trail below Vallleywood. Even the children understood why they needed to use hand sanitizer first before signing in and receiving their newly installed bell, supplied by the Region of Peel. Both Gerald and Peter were kept busy with minor repairs until near the end of our 2 hours, the rain came pouring down. Hoorary for good dry tents!

Valleywood BikeWrx Cafe evening

Caledon East BikeWrx Pop-up Cafe – Jul 11th

Thunderstorms threatened and eager cyclists showed up to BikeBrampton and Town of Caledon bringing a pop-up tent to the Caledon Trailway in Caledon East. Peter performed minor repairs and we installed bike bells to encourage good trail etiquette! Mayor Thompson and Ann stopped by to welcome us. Volunteers Wayne and Steve along with Town Staff Alyson greeted and educated the riders. We braved the mosquitos. Rain and thunder did finally force an early pack-up!

Caledon East BikeWrx Cafe

Valleywood BikeWrx Pop-up Cafe – Jun 28th

On a beautiful hot summer day, there was a line up for bike repairs, Region of Peel bells and water bottles, and Caledon Trail maps. Councillors Johanna Downey and Lynn Kiernan joined cyclists and walkers, Town of Caledon Staff and BikeBrampton volunteers on the Etobicoke Creek Trail, at the foot of Newhouse Park. People were educated about use of bells and the trail etiquette. They asked, when is the next event?

Valleywood BikeWrx Cafe 1
Valleywood BikeWrx cafe 2
Valleywood BikeWrx cafe 3