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Ready to ride a bike? Want to learn basic bike repair skills to maintain your bike? It’s FREE!

Virtual Route Planning Workshops

Route Planning Workshops

Learn from our experienced mentors who will teach route planning so you can navigate the terrific trails, bike lanes and local streets to get to your destinations and for recreation. This FREE virtual event is offered every Thursday evening in June. You will enjoy cycling more when you can find your way with confidence!

Registration for Route Planning Workshop

Virtual BikeWrx

Is your bike working properly or do you need some help? Check this out!

Have a bike that needs fixing, but don’t know exactly where to start? We have just completed 5 of these events. Stay tuned for more virtual BikeWrx sessions coming soon!

This an all ages event for anyone who wants a little guidance in fixing their bike, or to watch and learn as others learn to do it themselves. Our bike mechanics have seen it all, and will walk you through troubleshooting your problem every step of the way.

So tune in, tool up, and get rolling! 

BikeWrx virtual event

Must haves:

  1. Bike
  2. Internet access
  3. Rags
  4. Tire pump
  5. Basic tool set (wrenchs & allen keys)


  1. Tire (tube)/ repair kit
  2. Couple of old spoons/ tire levers
  3. Aluminium foil/ steel wool (for any rust)
  4. Phillips head screwdriver
  5. Bike lubricant
  6. Any parts you wish to install on your bike


First 10 minutes we will hear your bicycle woe’s and divide everyone up into breakout rooms. Each room will have a knowledgeable self-bike fixer who can guide you through most of the repair. We will have 3 mechanics who will rotate between rooms guiding you through some of the trickier problems.

BikeBrampton is partnering with Punjabi Community Health Services, Region of Peel Walk+Roll, Bikeport by Kevin Montgomery, and City of Brampton to offer basic bike repair training (BikeWrx) and bike mentorship (Pedalwise) at the Brampton Bike Hub. It’s fun and it’s FREE!

We are getting ready for the spring cycling season in whatever manner COVID-19 allows! Until we can safely open the bike hub, events and training will be virtual. Stay tuned as we develop our schedule for the upcoming season!

2021 03 02 CCP Year Two Final Report web version-FINAL

2020 10 24 CCP Year Two interim report_FINAL


The Pedalwise Owl is looking for you! Become confident and ride with a mentor. Pedalwise is FREE!


Brampton Bike Hub Waiver Form

We want to help you use a bicycle for short trips instead of using a car. You can use your bicycle to get to public transportation too. Each Pedalwise participant (called a protégé) is given a mentor in the City of Brampton. The mentor is an experienced cyclist who will help you choose less travelled roads and paths, give you riding tips and even come with you as you ride a new route.

Ride a bike to destinations in your neighbourhood. Shop, dine, run errands, commute — all by bike. Be active with your family year-round. Meet new friends. Become healthier. Enjoy nature. Help reduce traffic congestion. Keep track of your kilometres cycled. Reduce your carbon footprint.

If you don’t have a bike, let us know. We will try to fit you with one from our bicycle library, once you have signed up for Pedalwise. We have a limited number of generously donated bikes. They have been lovingly repaired. An average of a $150 deposit (refundable up to 2 weeks after borrowing) is required to ensure its safe return to the library when you are finished using it. A sturdy lock is required. The program has a limited supply of locks available for a $50 deposit.

For more FAQs answered about Pedalwise

BikeWrx – schedule will be adjusted as per COVID-19 reopening guidelines

A well maintained bike is the secret to a safe pleasant ride!

If your bike isn’t working properly you can bring it to our BikeWrx drop-in centre, 50 Sunny Meadow Blvd. Unit 108 on Wednesday evenings between 6:30-8:00pm. There you can borrow tools and get help from a bike mechanic to fix your bike yourself. You can also attend our revolving 6 basic bike maintenance and repair modules and receive a certificate of participation! BikeWrx access is FREE to registered Pedalwise participants. You may need to pay a small fee for necessary replacement parts.

BikeWrx participants are requested to sign up for Pedalwise first.

6 Modules for basic do-it-yourself maintenance:

  1. ABC quick check / flat tire repair
  2. Brakes
  3. Drivetrain
  4. Gears
  5. Cable replacement
  6. Bike fitting

Calling all Mentors!

Pedalwise teams up people who want to ride a bike more often with those who already do! Are you a confident cyclist on Brampton roads? Do you regularly use your bike to ride to destinations in your neighbourhood? Do your want to give back to your community?

What is involved? Assist your protégé with route planning; ride with them on a new route; demonstrate cycling safety; help them select clothing and gear for comfort and safety; encourage; guide; inspire; help them track trips, which is an essential part of our program.

Join a fun community of like-minded people who share their cycling joy with others! Become a Pedalwise program mentor!

For more information, contact Sonia at Sonia@bikebrampton.ca

Brampton BikeWrx Pop-up Cafés – 2021 schedule coming soon for Stage 2 reopening!

2020 07 10 Brampton Bike Hub Workplace Safety Plan

Duggan Park BikeWrx cafe

BikeBrampton’s Bike Lane Tips Videos

These videos were prepared for use on the Vodden interim bike lanes during COVID-19. Of course, the cycling safety tips included are applicable to bike lanes in general across the Region of Peel.


Punjabi Community Health Services empowers diverse communities to improve the quality of life of individuals, families and communities, by providing health, settlement and social services. Founded in 1990, this not-for-profit community based agency has grown over the years to be rated in the top 3% of the 7032 CARF accredited agencies in 20 countries! PCHS has made the Brampton Bike Hub possible and BikeBrampton is very grateful for this excellent partnership.

BikeBrampton appreciates partnership with PCHS and thanks CEO Baldev Mutta and his team for hosting the Brampton Bike Hub space at 50 Sunny Meadow Blvd, just north of Brampton Civic Hospital.

Region of Peel

Pedalwise and BikeWrx owe their origins to the Region of Peel’s 2015 community based social marketing pilot program. TCAT (Toronto Centre for Active Transportation) was retained by the Region of Peel Walk+Roll, to lead this collaborative initiative with Dr. Beth Savan and her research team at the University of Toronto’s ‘Toronto Cycle Think and Do Tank’, Culturelink, CEA and BikeBrampton. TCAT reported on the launch and the completion of the project. The current project would not be possible without the generous support and partnership of Walk+Roll Peel.

BikeBrampton gratefully acknowledges the Region of Peel Public Health’s “Healthy Living Supports Program” grant and generous volunteer design and installation labour for on-site bike storage.

City of Brampton

Our thanks to City of Brampton for promoting the Brampton Bike Hub and for hosting our Eco-Action National Webinar on Mar 28, 2018. The 14 annual Brampton Community Rides provide a backbone of group cycling support for protégés and mentors. Brampton Bike Hub contributes to Brampton’s status as a Bicycle Friendly Community at the Bronze level.

EcoAction National Webinar Mar28 2018 – presentation slides

Brampton Regional Councillors Rowena Santos and Paul Vincente presented this congratulations certificate at the one-year anniversary of the Brampton Bike Hub.

The Bikeport

Our partner, The Bikeport by Kevin Montgomery, is handling the data collection to determine the impact on the carbon footprint of our increased cycling trips and reduced car trips during this program. Kevin has set up the Brampton EcoAction Strava Club to gather group statistics for both Brampton and Caledon Bike Hubs. Read the EcoAction Strava Club blog

Environment and Climate Change Canada

Environment and Climate Change Canada created EcoAction Community Funding Program to fund projects across Canada to encourage Canadians to take action to address clean air, clean water, climate change and nature issues, and to build the capacity of communities to sustain these activities into the future.

A Peel Region 2012 Transportation Study found that more than 900,000 daily commuter trips are taken in the Region with a distance of 7Km or less.  81% of these trips are taken by car; only 9% use active transportation.  These short-range car trips consume the equivalent of 9 tanker trucks of gasoline and produce 450,000kg of CO2 emissions each day.  Converting even a small percentage of these car trips to active transportation would have a positive environmental impact while reducing traffic congestion and improving the health of our community.

Canada’s EcoAction Community Funding to Canada Bikes, is being shared amongst Brampton, Halifax, Montreal and Edmonton to support: “If You Build It, They Will Come; Increasing Cycling, Decreasing Emissions”.


MP Sonia Sidhu, Brampton-South presented certificates at the Official opening of Brampton Bike Hub and at the one-year anniversary.


Based in Ottawa, not-for-profit Canada Bikes is the only national organization in Canada dedicated to encouraging commuter, recreational and tourism cycling for all ages, abilities and populations. Through a highly active, representative volunteer board of directors, Canada Bikes engages with provincial/territorial and local volunteer cycling organisations, as well as Indigenous groups, to provide support, leadership, materials, training and best practices as well as networking and mentorship opportunities. Canada Bikes also works with other national stakeholders and partners to make Canada a Cycling Nation. Through their international network, they bring best practices to Canada, to support a significant mode shift to greener, healthier forms of active transportation, thereby contributing to a healthier environment and population.

Canada Bikes organized the National Bike Summit in Ottawa May 28-29, 2018, where David Laing presented the Eco-Action Brampton Bike Hub project.

EcoAction National Bike Summit May 28 2018 – presentation slides


Brampton Bike Hub National Bike Summit Poster




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