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We encourage everyone who cycles in Brampton to record their trips using the free Strava app on their device and/or computer. Log trips of any size. It’s great way to see how you are doing as the kilometres add up!

BikeBrampton Strava Club

Join the Strava Club to capture cycling mileage in Brampton.

Strava Heatmap

The Strava app records cycling trips and puts them into an aggregate heatmap. See where people prefer to ride by coloured lines on the map.

Step-by-Step Instructions on Strava set-up, including Privacy Protection

Track your Cycling Trips on ‘Strava’

  1. Sign up for a FREE Strava account on your computer to record your kms cycled. If you have questions, your mentor can help you.
  2. Make sure you set Strava privacy settings according to your personal comfort level. One of our experienced volunteers, Lisa, has prepared a clear step-by-step Strava privacy process to help you make your privacy decisions.
  3. Download the Strava app onto your smartphone and pair it with your account on your computer.
  4. Every time you ride your bike, you start Strava at the beginning and stop at the end of your trip. It is important to log your trip as a “commute” before you save your trip. You can edit your trip after it is uploaded and you can add trips you missed. The app will automatically pause if you stop temporarily, or you can press pause and then resume.
  5. Next step is to join our BikeBrampton Strava Club so your data can be gathered along with the other members.
  6. The Bikeport by Kevin Montgomery will include your Strava data in our Brampton EcoAction Club totals, once you
  7. Authorize The Bikeport Cycle Survey to complete your registration.
  8. You can view our statistics as we pedal our way to a greener community!