Within City of Brampton, call 311 or:

Brampton provides real-time access to city information and services through the Pingstreet Mobile App, which you can download onto your smart phone.

During your cycling trips, stop to use the app to report problems such as:
By-law infractions, dead animals on the road, graffiti, litter or debris, issues with parks and trails maintenance, poorly maintained property, potholes, road damage, street lights needing repair, street sign damage, or traffic signals needing repair.

City of Brampton Requests

Do you know of any spots that could use a ring and post to lock your bike?
Is there a road that could really use a multi-use pathway?
Maybe a sidewalk that should be upgraded to a pathway because of people cycling on it?
Is there an entrance to a trail system that should have a curb-cut?
Your idea may be something that is already planned, but it doesn’t hurt to let the City know!
Call 311
Let your Councillor know that you like the bike lanes!