Report Damage or By-Law Issues

Within City of Brampton, call 311 or 416-494-6199

Brampton provides real-time access to city information and services through the Brampton 311 app. This is the link to City of Brampton’s webpage. For bike lane parking, select “Parking services and mobile licensing”.

Brampton 311 app on cellphone

You can download the free app for your cellphone, which makes on-the-spot reporting easier. If you are using an Apple phone, sign in with your Apple account. Once you enter your contact information the first time, your profile is there.

Take a photo of the issue before you start using the app to make uploading to your report simple.

Select “allow Brampton 311 to use your location” (allow while using app) so you don’t have to enter location. . This is why it is easier to report at the site, rather than waiting until you get home.

Give the app time (about 30 seconds) to finish uploading your report. If you close the app to early, your report will not be submitted.

During your cycling trips, stop to use the app to report problems such as:
By-law infractions, dead animals on the road, graffiti, litter or debris, issues with parks and trails maintenance, poorly maintained property, potholes, road damage, street lights needing repair, street sign damage, or traffic signals needing repair.
Let your Councillor know that you like the bike lanes!