Bicycle Friendly Communities

Share the Road

The Bicycle Friendly Community Award (BFC) Program was launched by the Share the Road Cycling Coalition in Canada in August 2010 in partnership with the Washington based League of American Bicyclists. The BFC Program provides incentives, hands-on assistance, and award recognition for communities that actively support bicycling.

Communities complete a thorough application and are judged in four categories often referred to as the Four β€˜Es’. A community must demonstrate achievements in each of the five categories in order to be considered for an award on the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum level.

The 4 β€˜E’ Categories of a Bicycle Friendly Community:

ENGINEERING – Communities are asked about what is on the ground; what has been built to promote cycling in the community

EDUCATION- The questions in this category are designed to determine the amount of education there is available for both cyclists and motorists

ENCOURAGEMENT – Questions concentrate on how the community promotes and encourages bicycling

EVALUATION & PLANNING – Here the community is judged on the systems that they have in place to evaluate current programs and plan for the future

Bike Friendly Community Bronze

BikeBrampton has advocated and supported City of Brampton, which was designated a “Bicycle  Friendly Community” with Bronze status in April 2017. Share the Road Press Release

Brampton's BFC Bronze Award

It doesn’t end there! Brampton must strive to maintain its position (which it did in 2021), and continue on its path toward Silver! As more communities build their cycling positions, the bar keeps rising!

Share the Road Cycling Coalition

Share the Road Cycling Coalition is a national cycling advocacy organization created to unite cycling organizations from across Canada and work with and on behalf of municipalities to enhance their ability to make their communities more bicycle-friendly. There are currently 52 BFC award winning communities across Canada.