Bike to Work Day was Jun 1st – Let’s Get Ready!

City of Brampton hosted Bike to Work Day for staff, residents and visitors at Garden Square in Downtown Brampton, 8-10am

Bike to Work Day 2023 poster

Everyone is welcome!
There will be free breakfast for cyclists provided by McDonald’s, speeches and exhibits from active transportation supporters in Brampton. Try out the new e-scooters, learn about bike repair, meet members of the Brampton Cycling Club to learn about local cycle touring and see how to place a bike on a bus with Brampton Transit! Cycling to work allows you to reduce your carbon footprint, significantly lowers travel cost, improves mental health, and incorporates light exercise into your daily routine. If you live within 5 km of work, you could get there by bike in 20 minutes!

Bike to Work Day kicks off June is Bike Month.

Brampton Bike to Work Day Flyer

Cycling is a healthy and viable option for commuting to work. Every person who chooses active transportation over driving their car, is one less contributor to congestion. Commuters can consider cycling to transit, loading their bike on the bus or train, then pedaling the final distance to work.

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