Do you live in Brampton or Caledon and are interested in biking for recreation or transportation?

  • Do you lack skills or confidence to ride on the roads and trails? Ride with confident cyclists.
  • Are you unsure about places where you can ride in safety and comfort?
  • Are you wondering about what clothes to wear or what equipment to buy?
  • Do you need to borrow a bike to see if cycling is for you?
  •  Learn maintenance and repair skills to keep your bike in top working condition
  • Would you like to be part of a growing culture of cycling in Brampton and Caledon, meet new friends, improve your fitness and help the environment?

If YES, to any of these questions then Pedalwise is the program for you. Become a member.

Each Pedalwise participant (protégé) is given a mentor in their community. The mentor who is an experienced cyclist who will help you choose less travelled roads and paths, giving you riding tips and even come with you as you ride a new route.

Ride a bike to destinations in your neighbourhood. Shop, dine, run errands, commute — all by bike. Be active with your family year-round. Meet new friends. Become healthier. Enjoy nature. Help reduce traffic congestion. Reduce your carbon footprint.

Social Ride Safety Briefing

Pedalwise FAQs:

Who can join Pedalwise?

Residents of Brampton and Caledon, 16+. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and must have and use a bicycle helmet.

Do you rent bikes? 

We have a Bike Library. Please read more here. Volunteers mechanics lovingly refurbish and maintain bikes that have been donated to the program.

Do I need to know how to ride a bike?

You need basic bike riding skills.

What if I don’t know how to ride a bike?

We can arrange a few lessons to get you going if you have no experience riding.

How many hours are involved?

You can work out a plan that is comfortable for you.

How fit do I need to be?

You only need to be able to ride short distances safely, usually trips of 5km or less. There will be opportunities for longer rides if you choose.

What are my responsibilities?

Ride as often as you can. Become a member and fill out the survey.

Lock your Bike

Lock your bike when not in use — it is good habit! If you have borrowed a bike, and it were to be stolen, you would report it to the Police. You would present us with a police report. Register your bike with Peel Regional Police Crime Prevention crime prevention bike serial number registration – then click on ‘Cycling’, then click on ‘Bike Registry’. It appears like this is a form to report a stolen bike, but just fill out the form and keep going. This is the correct form! Check out our blog post on locking your bike securely!

Cycling Data are King & Queen

Pedalwise has been made possible by our sponsors, including Region of Peel’s Community Cycling Program. We need to collect data on our cycling trips to show our funders that we are fulfilling the goals of the Peel’s Sustainable Transportation Strategy. Even though how we FEEL about cycling counts significantly, having the DATA shows proof of our success!

Sign up to track your cycling trips on the Strava App.

For more information, contact 

Watch this video to hear what previous Pedalwise proteges had to say about the program!