Peel Walk and Roll


Walk and Roll Peel

“Walk and Roll Peel promotes Peel’s bicycle and pedestrian initiatives and infrastructure as well as the benefits of active transportation. We are committed to getting more people walking and cycling- instead of driving- for everyday trips. ”

walk and roll peel

Walk and Roll PeelĀ is a joint effort between Peel, Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon. Assistance provided by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

Pedalwise Project Final Report 2015

New – School Trip Planner App for Peel! – Check out this new tool for planning daily trips to all schools in Peel.

Peel Active Transportation Plan Implementation Strategy 2014 Program Update

Peel Region GPS Cycling Study – conducted in 2013

New Active Transportation Infrastructure 2014 Projects

Peel Active Transportation Plan 2012



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