Caledon 2021 Trail / Cycling Routes Map

Check out this interactive map that shows not only routes, but locations for accommodations, where to eat, attractions, golf, shopping, parking, washrooms and recreation facilities. Just click and unclick the layers to add or subtract the tourist attractions and trail choices. More than 300 km of signed bike routes makes Caledon an attractive destination for cycling.

Active Transportation Task Force

The Active Transportation Task Force (ATTF) works to create a safer community through the development of infrastructure such as sidewalks, bike lanes, crosswalks and complete streets. We also promote healthy living through active transportation.

Caledon Bike Repair Stands

Southfields bike repair stand

Don’t be caught FLAT! Check out the 3 new bike repair stands, adding to the 4th now in Caledon:

  1. Caledon East – Caledon Trailway, East side of Airport Road
  2. Palgrave – South side of Brawton Drive and Wallace Avenue
  3. Cheltenham – Caledon Trailway, West side of Creditview Road
  4. Southfields – Southfields Community Centre, pedestrian entrance facing Kennedy Road

Caledon Cycling Club

The Caledon Cycling Club (CCC) was created in 1998 specifically for mountain bike riders. Our location in the Caledon area offers our members quick access to a large network of local mountain bike trails. Besides organizing group rides, the CCC members and volunteers are also involved in trail building, bicycle races and we work with private property owners, municipalities and land managers to develop land access and promote bicycle advocacy.